Remember that mass murderer from Norway? He pleaded self-defense to the 77 counts of murder.

Last year, Anders Breivik went on Norways’s worst kill-crazy rampage since the days of the Vikings, killing seventy seven people in an afternoon after setting off a bomb in the middle of Oslo before taking a boat to an island and gunning down dozens of innocent teenagers at a summer camp. Yet Breivik pled that he did what he did out of “self defense”. Obviously.

Anders Breivik told the court he acknowledged the mass murder but pleaded not guilty, claiming it was done in self-defense as part of his war against “multiculturalism” in the European nation.

He expressed no emotion as he entered his plea but broke down and had to wipe away tears when the court played a portion of a propaganda video he had made in support of his new “crusade” in Norway.

Breivik is accused of carrying out the July 2011 bombing in Oslo, Norway, that killed eight people, followed by a shooting spree at a nearby youth summer camp that claimed another 69 lives.

Before the massacre, Breivik posted a 1,500 page manifesto online in which he said he was just one operative in the beginning of a violent Christian conservative revolution in Europe led by a group called the new Knights Templar. Breivik had planned on a 60-plus year struggle against mutliculturalism until the Knights would take control over Europe, the manifesto said.

A court official pointed out today that in a picture Breivik had apparently taken of himself, he had digitally altered the image to include a patch that read, “Multicultural Traitor Hunting Permit… Tagging Not Required… No Bag Limit.”

Breivik said today that he did not recognize the authority of the court since it got its “mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism.”

In his manifesto, Breivik said that getting arrested and put on trial was just another part of the overall plan.

“Your arrest will mark the initiation of the propaganda phase,” he wrote. “Your trial offers you a stage to the world.”

A panel of experts recently found Breivik was sane and fit to stand trial, contradicting an earlier psychiatric report that said Breivik suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Both Breivik and some of the families of his victims objected to the first diagnosis.


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