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Spring Break in PCB

I normally don’t like Vice’s videos too much but the contrast here is just great.

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JASH is going to be YouTube’s very own comedy channel, by comedians, for you

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts got together with YouTube to make the JASH comedy channel. And this is its intro. So there you go.

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Sneaky little mustache

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Wealth in America

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Incredible: Gary Busey tries to explain Hobbits

“The Hobbits got one up on us from that. God damn Hobbits they’re so cute.”

“They travel in packs of four”

Can we diagnose him as officially insane yet?

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Science vs Art

Richard Feynman does his best to explain why science, in essence, is a form of art that may be much deeper and more philosophical than simple art itself. By no means am I calling art simple, but I will openly say I have much more respect and interest in scientists than artists, sorry artist friends.

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