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Ain’t nobody got time for bronchitis, the remix

Watch the original video here, which I kept forgetting to post.

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New viral video for Prometheus is absolutely brilliant

Just fucking brilliant, I will see this movie because of this video alone.


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Yesterday the Sun essentially came all over itself and you didn’t even notice

You may not have noticed, but yesterday, the Sun had a massive coronal mass ejection, erupting some 198,000 miles off the surface and 79,000 miles wide. That’s big enough to fit ten Earths under.

The eruption is what’s known as a coronal mass ejection, or CME, when the Sun’s magnetic fields force out an unfathomably large amount of unfathomably hot gas: “A large CME can contain a billion tons of matter that can be accelerated to several million miles per hour in a spectacular explosion. Solar material streams out through the interplanetary medium, impacting any planet or spacecraft in its path,” explains NASA, who told us that this particular blast extended to the far reaches of our solar system.

But this mega-explosion didn’t just reach far in one direction—ten earths is nothing. NASA’s Karen Fox said the “height” of the CME (from our perspective) was “25 earth radii high”—198,000 miles. What you see above is the blast before it detached itself from the Sun, rolling outward and onward.


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If you’re having a shitty/rough/tough/unrelenting/bad day, sit down, listen to this song, and just think for ten minutes

A new video from Francesco Lettieri for the song Mono No Aware, by K-Conjog. The track was composed for Una Sola Moltitudine(One Unique Moltitude), the exhibition of Valerio Berruti. The song is the soundtrack for the first iPad art book/catalogue ever made.

K-Conjog’s Set Your Spirit Freak is coming out later this month on Abandon Building Records.

In essence, it’s a fucking fantastic song to sit down a reflect on. So do it, don’t act like you don’t have ten minutes.

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God dammit

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Nailed it

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