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The absolute best Craigslist ad ever is for a 1995 Grand Am

Unfortunately some twats reported it as “inappropriate” and got it removed, but not before somebody captured this glorious screenshot.

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The ablogalypse

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Just one more corgi lawyer meme

See my other favorites HERE

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Website of the week: Boniverotica (Bon Iver Erotic Stories)

This website is hilarious, exactly how I imagine Bon Iver to actually be.

See the site HERE

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Disneyland Paris will get a ‘Star Wars Land’ in 2015, buy your tickets now.

When it first opened in 1992, Disneyland Paris was a bit of a joke and was a money pit of a project for Disney for a while. By now, things have picked up and Disneyland Paris is doing pretty well, and in 2015, they’ll be getting a Star Wars Land park. Okay, so I’ve gotten used to Lucas shitting all over the franchise, but I’d still love to see a Star Wars park in the US. All we get is Star Tours and a dancing Darth Vader.

The rumor first sprouted up on some Disneyland Paris Forums and has now been written about in detail by the Disney and More Blog. That writer claims to have confirmation that the Imagineers are indeed working on a more expansive Star Wars experience to surround the new Star Tours including a Jedi Academy, and possibly an eatery that looks like Mos Eisley Cantina, just to start. This will all take place in the Discoverland section of the park, taking over the current Captain Eo theater and its surrounding areas.

Another clue reported on at Disney and More is that the CEO of Disneyland Paris, Philippe Gas, said a few years back that the Star Tours upgrade would be late coming to the park because of increased costs. This confused many fans at the time because all the other parks are getting it but, with these rumors, maybe a light has been shined on his true meaning.


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The new World Trade Center is now the tallest building in New York again

Today, construction workers will bring the height of the unfinished skeleton of One World Trade Center to 1,250 feet, bringing it just over the height of the Empire State Building. At this height, it’s the tallest building in New York City and when the structure is completed in about a year, it will be the tallest in the US and probably the third tallest in the world.

Designs call for the tower’s roof to stand at 1,368 feet — the same height as the north tower of the original World Trade Center. The building’s roof will be topped with a 408-foot, cable-stayed mast, making the total height of the structure a symbolic 1,776 feet.

So is that needle an antenna or a spire?

“Not sure,” wrote Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the building.

The needle will, indeed, function as a broadcast antenna. It is described on the Port Authority’s website as an antenna. On the other hand, the structure will have more meat to it than your average antenna, with external cladding encasing the broadcast mast.

Without that spire, One World Trade Center would still be smaller than the Willis Tower in Chicago, formerly known as the Sears Tower, which tops out at 1,451 feet (not including its own antennas).

Debate over which of those buildings can truly claim to be the tallest in the U.S. has been raging for years on Internet message boards frequented by skyscraper enthusiasts.

As for the Council on Tall Buildings, it is leaning toward giving One World Trade the benefit of the doubt.

“This is something we have discussed with the architect,” Hollister said. “As we understand it, the needle is an architectural spire which happens to enclose an antenna. We would thus count it as part of the architectural height.”


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Does smoking weed help win football games? For the Oregon Ducks it does.

For the football team of the University of Oregon in Eugene, pot is just part of the culture and it’s something many players credit to the team’s success. Oh yeah, well that’s Oregon, right? There is a hell of a lot of weed in Eugene, but it’s not just Oregon. More often around the country, student athletes are claiming that getting high before a game helps them concentrate on their performance.

The Ducks are savoring their win over Wisconsin, Oregon’s first victory in a Rose Bowl since 1917 and Chip Kelly’s first postseason triumph as head coach. Earlier today, the school buzzed as the team made its victory lap around campus. Now, as one Duck relishes another kind of high, he wants to make something clear. “It’s not just us,” he says, taking another hit. “If you think Oregon’s the only team smoking weed, you’re crazy.”

Read more here

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New international trailer for Prometheus is not playing around

Watch my favorite Prometheus promo video HERE

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Proof that Jack and Rose could have both fit on that door

So maybe it wouldn’t have been able to support both of them but they could have at least taken turns switching. Rose is such a selfish bitch.

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