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Sony PS4 details leaked!

Kotaku has scored quite a few details on the next generation Playstation from an unnamed inside source. According to this source, the next PS console will be called the “Orbis”, which fits with Sony’s “Vita” naming scheme, won’t be backwards compatible at all and will be here holiday 2013.

Here’s the 411:

-The name will be the Playstation Orbis

-It will have an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU

-It will have a resolution of up to 4096 x 2160 and a 3D games resolution of 1080p

-The console will be released during the 2013 holiday shopping season

-Will have no backwards compatibility, not for PS3 or PS2 at all

-It might have some sort of anti-used games technology built in, meaning your physical games will be locked to your PSN account only or you can download them. If you do get rid of your game, someone else buying your pre-owned game will have limited content access until they pay for the full version.

-No, that’s not an actual picture of the console above.


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And the award for best parents ever goes to…

These parents built a Narnia style hidden passage to a Narnia themed playroom, it’s just so much win.

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Movie looks pretty good


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