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New Epic Meal Time(s)


More of my boy dom. zz zz that’s my dick

dom fucking mazzetti

Hey douchebag

If you like something that you see on my site, just click one of the share buttons at the bottom of the post. Why go through all the trouble of downloading pictures/finding youtube addresses when you can just click one button. Plus nobody cares if you found it yourself or not, obviously you found it on some website. So stop being a twat and help out a website that you like.

Instant time machine

Have an awesome picture that you want to turn into an awesome giant poster?

If you want to make a fantastic picture, like the one above, into a giant beautiful piece of wall art THIS WEBSITE can help you do it. Maybe you want to take that obnoxious lovey dovey picture and you and your girlfriend/boyfriend/ friend you just bang all the time, make it huge and pretty, and give it to them for Valentine’s day. If you order before February 3rd you will get your poster before Valentine’s day. Oh by the way, because I’m such a nice fucking guy, I’ll even give you a coupon code for 40% off. It’s LOVE40. Original I know. Oh, and this is totally not an ad.

They made a movie based on my feelings

Just a video that I find to be extremely well done

This video, filmed in Malaysia, is not only beautiful, but the narration is from one of the best books of all time, Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”.


As per usual I love the beat, lyrics not so much.


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