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The Counselor

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Scorsese + Leo = GOLD.

Trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street

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The 2TFU 2013 list of movies you need to want to see

These are in no particular order or ranking system, just a general list of movies coming out this year that look extremely good. Go buy tickets.

Kick-Ass 2

If you saw the first Kick-Ass you probably enjoyed it quite a bit, I mean Nic Cage? No contest. The trailer for the sequel makes it seem like they stuck to their roots and I’m hoping that will make for another really well balanced and extremely unique film.

Plus this one has Jim Carrey.

Runner, Runner

Don’t let the shitty movie poster throw you, this one actually looks decent. It’s like a mix of Rounders, 21, and The Social Network had a baby with Casino. It’s got JT so it’ll probably be decent, even with Benny boy dragging it down.


Coffee Town

Okay, so this cast is just great. Dennis from It’s Always Sunny, Stevie from Eastbound and Down, Josh Groban, and Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec. AND NO! I’m not going to put their real names because this is how they are referred to 90% of the time.


Obligatory Nature Documentary: Blackfish

This one could be pretty fascinating. Orcas are like the pitbull of the sea, in the sense that people think they’re inherently mean and will bite people. This movie goes inside the widely publicized death of a Sea World trainer a few years back and looks at what could have motivated it: the wrangling of the young whales, keeping them in tiny dark storage containers for months, or simply just keeping a wild animal in captivity for so long. It’s getting a lot of buzz in the Sundance community and I think it could be a winner.

The Kings of Summer

This will be known one of the best movies of the year. Although it’s already out, it’s tough to find showings, although it seems to recently have gained more attention and is getting slotted on more screens. Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson is fantastic and the overall plot makes for one of the best feel-good movies I’ve seen in years. It brings you back to being a teenager and makes you want to get out and enjoy the world. GO SEE IT NOW!



Although there isn’t a movie poster out yet for this one, and even though I fucking hate Liam Hemsworth, I will still be seeing this. Gary Oldman is at it again, this time with a lil’ cockney in ‘im, and it looks like he’ll be fucking stellar in this. Harrison Ford, even though he’s 70, still has some serious screen present. The plot looks like your standard double spy getting double crossed but it’s always fun to see who comes out on top in these.



2TFU movies Filth

Yes. This movie will be tremendous. James McAvoy can do no wrong, AND it’s based off of the book written by Irvine Welsh (the author of Trainspotting, another trmendous book that became a great movie as well). McAvoy stars as a deranged, perverted, drug addict police man. The story, in typical Welsh form, is a gritty and almost too realistic look at an often ignored segment of reality with bits of surrealism/hallucinations/absurdity mixed in. The trailer makes it seem like a movie that you wouldn’t be able to look away from, and I don’t plan on it.

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Classic Mom

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Disney plans to release one Star Wars film a year starting in 2015

So everybody figured that Disney wouldn’t only make Star Wars VII. I mean the amount they paid for the franchise is absurd and they are definitely planning on getting their moneys worth. They just announced that every summer starting in 2015, a new Star Wars will be released. If you weren’t sure that Disney was going to ruin the franchise, you probably should be now. How much is too much? We’ll see.

These annual releases will include the other two movies in the new trilogy and several standalone films, which will focus on specific characters from the Star Wars franchise.

The main episodes — VIII and IX — will be released every other summer and a standalone movie will be released during the off years, film sites reported when the news broke during a CinemaCon session in Las Vegas. CinemaCon brings together movie theater owners.

J.J. Abrams, director of the latest Star Trek movies, will direct Star Wars: Episode VII, Disney and Lucasfilm announced on in January. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the standalone films in February, adding that “They are not part of the overall saga.”


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Real life 23-year-old game of “tag” to be turned into a motion picture

For 23 years, a group of friends from Washington state have been playing a game of tag. It started in high school, and went through college. Rules eventually developed that turned it into a no-holds-barred, nationwide game that goes on every year throughout the month of February. Who ever is “it” will travel all over the country to tag one of their competitors, sometimes creating elaborate schemes to do so. Whoever is “it” at the end of the month is “it” for the whole year.

In January, the novel idea caught the interest of a Wall Street Journal reporter who turned it into a human interest story. Since then, the Tag Brothers, as they’ve been coined, have been fielding pitches from Hollywood producers who want to turn their real life game into a movie.

Wednesday, the Tag Brothers sold the rights to their story to Broken Road producer Todd Garner. He’ll create a pitch and take it to Hollywood studios.

Deadline broke the news of the deal, which apparently was a fairly hot property among Hollywood producers.

This story screams “high-concept comedy” with an all-star cast and it makes perfect sense that producers took notice. You can read the full Wall Street Journal article at this link, but the gist is as follows. Ten friends attending high school at Gonzaga Preparatory School in Spokane, Washington began playing tag and never stopped. The game continued to grow and grow and has gotten to the point where now, 23 years later, it can get expensive and elaborate.

Everything is normal all year until February. At that point, the men have been known to travel, set up pranks, hire people to play roles and more just to be able to tag one of the other competitors and make him “it.”


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