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Weird thing of the day: Sriracha Lollipops

Sriracha Lollipops!

I just don’t understand this, but Lollyphile.com has created a Sriracha lollipop. I absolutely love Sriracha hot sauce on everything from noodles to tacos, to soups, to ANYTHING ELSE, but a lollipop… that just tastes like straight Sriracha…. I don’t know.

Buy them HERE

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Pictures from a Chinese sex toy factory are….. creepy? Interesting? I don’t know.

Recently I came across THIS article and figured I’d share it with you because I thought it was pretty interesting. So the next time you little perverts go out to buy a blow-up doll, remember it’s being made in some dreary, creepy, dirty little factory that looks like Psycho Sid’s workshop from Toy Story.

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