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Website of the week: Stories About Prince

So almost everybody is aware of how eccentric and full of quirks Prince is. Every time you hear a story of anybody’s interaction with Prince it always seems to end with some weird anecdote. On the website “Stories About Prince”, these stories are compiled into handwritten tales about the hilarity that comes with spending time with Prince.

Read more here

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Ever wonder what 7 billion people actually look like? Then this website of the week is for you.

7 billion people website

The website, 7BillionWorld.com, is pretty incredible. It has the entire population of the world, 7 billion people, categorized by where they live, all on one page. It’s pretty crazy to browse through it and realize how small of a portion one person makes up in this world. Just a good website to put some things into perspective.

Check it out HERE

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Website of the week: You Chose Wrong

(from Star Challenge #3: The Cosmic Funhouse, 1984)

This site contains some of the weirdest and most absurd ways that you can “choose wrong” and die by in Choose-your-own-adventure books. Some of them are just fascinating.

See the site HERE

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Website of the week: Champagne Facials

A website that shows just how much girls love getting champagne poured all over their faces. Champagne facials are for ballers only, duh.
See the site HERE
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Website of the Week: Shaking Food GIFs


This one is pretty straight-forward and will result in several Pinterest related orgasms. Now HERE is the site, leave me alone, I have to go buy some Wild Cherry Pop Tarts.

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Website of the week: Boniverotica (Bon Iver Erotic Stories)

This website is hilarious, exactly how I imagine Bon Iver to actually be.

See the site HERE

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Website of the week: Boobstagram

Mustache #boobs by @super_moustache !!!

Boobstagram harvests breast and cleavage pictures from Instagram, or takes submissions directly, as a way to bring attention to breast cancer. It’s a nice cause and there are a whole lot of really nice boobs involved.


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Website of the week: One Tiny Hand

kim kardashian.

zooey deschanel. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

See the site HERE

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