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An infographic that shows every zombie killed and whom they were killed by in the entirety of The Walking Dead

walking dead

Click HERE to see the full chart (hi-res and gigantic so it takes a bit to load)

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AMC will be re-airing the every episode of The Walking Dead in beautiful black and white this February


Earlier this year, AMC aired the pilot episode of The Walking Dead in black and white. The response was overwhelming. Most fans thought it added to the overall “scariness” of the show but the real reason it was done was to give a nod to the comic books that the show is based off of which were all done in black and white. Anywho, because the episode got such a spectacular reaction, the showrunners have decided to re-air all of the episodes in black and white starting this February. So once February comes around, stock up on popcorn and get ready to stay in your house.


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Lost it

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