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I love to say “I told you so!” (WARNING: The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler in links)

I finally got around to seeing The Dark Knight Rises the other night and at the end a feeling of extreme smugness and joy came over me. Now if you haven’t seen the movie, I wouldn’t recommend that you click on the links that will soon follow in this post, they contain information that will ruin the movie for you. Regardless, back in September and December of last year I wrote a couple posts based off of some rumors going around the interweb. The two posts, to which I have linked below, predicted a certain actor’s character and who they would be portraying. After the credits rolled on The Dark Knight Rises, I was happy to see my predictions had been extremely accurate. And to think, if only you would have been checking my site back in September and December of last year, you would have known the secrets well ahead of every body else.

September Post (WARNING: The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler)

December Post (WARNING: The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler)



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The best marketing piece for the new Dark Knight film I’ve seen so far.


Billboard found on Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood. Not a graphic, but a 3D hole in a billboard with destruction extruding.


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Is Joseph Gordon Levitt playing the joker in the new Batman movie?

There hasn’t been any good Dark Knight Rises speculation going on for a while, so I’m going to resurrect one that hasn’t been seen in about a year— Joseph Gordon Levitt could be playing the Joker, not some beat cop and Christopher Nolan used that as a red herring.

First, just look at that comparison photo. Sure, Ledger had a slightly bigger build than Levitt does, but in the slightly oversized Joker costume and the way he hunched over, his body shape was completely lost. The important part here is the face. Very, very similar.

Here’s an artistic interpretation I dug up for further comparison:

Second… JGL was known to be in talks with Nolan for a “major role” for a while, and had worked with Nolan before, and after months of speculation on who Levitt would play— many people were speculating the Riddler or Robin— he gets cast as a cop? Nooooo.

The character Levitt is listed as playing is “John Blake”, but if you take the first two and last two letters from that name, you get “Joke”. Hmmmm?

Despite some leaks, the last fifteen minutes of the film are crucial. So crucial, so secret, that only Nolan and a couple actors directly involved even had access to those script pages until right before shooting that final sequence. Again, many people have speculated that Levitt might end up playing Robin, and that this last sequence might be a lead-in to a Robin/Nightwing movie. I think that would be pretty cool, but I tend to believe Nolan at this point when he says that there is no place for Robin in his Batman movies, and there would have to be a lot more lead up than the last 15 minutes (I suppose) to introduce Robin.

But the Joker? He’s had his own movie, he doesn’t need a lead-in. All he needs to do is show up.


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