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Xbox World magazine reveals details of Xbox 720 in last issue

The last issue of Xbox World magazine went out with a bang, giving up tons of details about the upcoming Xbox 720 including some new concept art and some specs. According to the article, the new console will have Kinect 2.0, Blu-ray disc support, a new gamepad, and the potential for augmented reality.

Editor in chief Dan Dawkins told CVG that his publication has been at the cutting edge of Durango (codename for the 720) coverage for the past 12 months. He feels that unless something drastic happens, everything they reveal in the magazine’s final issue will be what we see at E3 next June.

The magazine says that current developer kits have four hardware cores with each one being divided into four logical cores. The early systems also reportedly carry 8GB of RAM, the same capacity that Sony’s PlayStation 4 could end up with.

The final product is expected to ship with directional audio, Kinect 2.0, Blu-ray disc support, TV-in and –out, a new innovative gamepad and at some point, augmented reality complete with supporting glasses.

The publication doesn’t believe that Xbox 720 will be actual name of the console. Instead, they seem to think that simply “Xbox” will do.


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The Suitcase of the future

In the future your suitcase will follow you around the airport. Dragging your own roller bag is so 2011. “Hop” is the name of the newest design in luggage; it uses your smartphone as a beacon and follows you around, if you get out of range it sends you a text to let you know that your sad little bag is all alone behind you.

The Hop is designed to follow behind the user at a constant distance, but if the signal is lost the suitcase locks itself and a vibration is sent via the phone to alert the user. The bags can be programmed to follow one another or to be controlled jointly by any staff that may handle your luggage.


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Apple releasing iPhone5/iPad mini at an event on September 12th

All y0u Apple fans, mark your calanders for September 12th, 2012.

The iPad mini will be announced at the same September 12 event, as will the new iPod nano. We haven’t heard a release date for the iPad mini yet, but it could be the same as the iPhone 5. It seems likely the new iPod touch will make an appearance on September 12 as well, though we haven’t heard any specific information about that yet either.

Last year, the iPhone 4S was announced on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, and released 10 days later on October 14. The event included minor updates to the iPod line, notably a white iPod touch 4. This year, the iPad 3 was announced on Wednesday, March 7, 2012, and released 9 days later on March 16. The event included a 1080p Apple TV.


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Amazon to offer same-day delivery and completely destroy all actual real-life stores

If you thought Amazon Prime or Amazon’s 2 day shipping just wasn’t efficient enough, apparently the site is now striving towards same-day delivery. As in you order in the morning and have your product in your greedy little hands by lunch. It seems absurd now, but think how convenient that would be for all the internet addicted shut-ins we have? Yeah, that’s probably you. Regardless, if Amazon can pull off same-day shipping, why would anybody want to go to a store where they have to pay more, deal with shitty sales people, and pay for gas when they could just sit on their ass? They wouldn’t.

A report in the Financial Times states (registration or subscription is required) that Amazon believes same-day shipping will be more important than not collecting taxes from online shopping.
According to CNN:
Amazon has fought hard to avoid collecting sales tax during its 18-year history by setting up distribution centers in select tax-friendly states. But a new report in the Financial Times says the company is changing its strategy, setting up distribution centers across the United States in locations that insist on collecting sales tax. With the exception of Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Washington, items sold from Amazon.com LLC are not subject to sales tax.
That’s the beauty to Amazon — it’s usually cheaper than retail because there’s no sales tax. Assuming you live in a state where sales tax is not collected, the only caveat to shopping on Amazon is that you have to wait for the item to be shipped to you, which could be several days, depending on availability.
If Amazon offered same-day delivery, it could mean not having to make that trip to Walmart after work, which means less driving, less money spent on gas, and more time for you to do things that you care about.
Slate’s Farhad Manjoo seems to nail what we’re feeling (bolded for emphasis):
It’s hard to overstate how thoroughly this move will shake up the retail industry. Same-day delivery has long been the holy grail of Internet retailers, something that dozens of startups have tried and failed to accomplish. (Remember Kozmo.com?) But Amazon is investing billions to make next-day delivery standard, and same-day delivery an option for lots of customers. If it can pull that off, the company will permanently alter how we shop. To put it more bluntly: Physical retailers will be hosed.


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WSJ reports that Apple will be releasing a smaller version of the iPad

There are always a million different rumors floating around about the next big thing from Apple, but this time it seems that the next big thing might actually be quite small. The Wall Street Journal, who typically are rather accurate when it comes to tech rumors, says that Apple will be rolling out a version of the iPad that is a bit smaller and more affordable in order to compete with the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

Two sources told WSJ that the screen will be smaller than eight inches (Bloomberg had reported between seven and eight) and that Apple’s working with two of its usual suspects for display components, LG and AU Optronics. It’s hard to ignore the timing of these rumors: it would obviously be in Apple’s interest to soften demand for Google’s Nexus 7 — which launches later this month — with a pre-emptive strike while it ramps up for production.


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Why your iphone sucks

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Microsoft announces their 7 inch tablet, the Microsoft Surface

In a big press event just now, Microsoft unveiled the Surface, the company’s first Microsoft branded tablet. The Surface is 7” diagonal, a high res display, weighs less than 2 pounds, has a full sized USB 2.0 port and a sleek foldout keyboard integrated into its cover. Apple’s Smart Cover? Oooh magnets. Check out this fucking keyboard.

As Microsoft led up to the big unveiling, Steve Ballmer was sounding very Steve Jobs-like, talking about the beauty of when hardware and software are engineered to work well together, while recalling Microsoft’s hardware history. And when Microsoft puts their mind to it, they do make pretty good hardware, so it will be interesting to see how the Surface integrates into a total vertical ecosystem, through a Windows 8 PC, a Windows phone, the Surface tablet and the Xbox.

Much like the Courier prototype from a couple years ago, the Surface will not only use capacitive touch, but will come with a very nice stylus, made to feel just like a pen, as opposed to the crappy selection of third-party styluses for the iPad.

Another nice little design touch is the Surface’s integrated kickstand. If you have the keyboard rolled out, you can flip out the kickstand to keep the whole thing level. It looks like a lot of thought definitely went into the design of this thing.

And since this tablet runs Windows 8, Microsoft is touting it as a full PC experience in the palm of your hands. It also integrates seamlessly with a Windows 8 PC, so you can use your Surface as a controller, notepad or drawing device for any app in Windows.

Microsoft didn’t mention an exact price, but did say that it would be “priced competitively”, and will be available in 32GB and 64 GB flavors. At some point.

Read the liveblog on The Verge here

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US attorneys go ballistic over Kim Dotcom and Megaupload case

There are a lot of questions surrounding the shutdown of Megaupload and the arrest of its founder Kim Dotcom. Most people believe that the US went after Dotcom to make an example out of him and his website (read about some other possible motivations for the arrest HERE). The whole situation seems pretty questionable and it never seemed like the US gave a concrete reason for the arrest or provided any evidence, and when the home country of Dotcom, New Zealand, refused to extradite him to the US last week due to lack of evidence against him, the US attorneys went ballistic.

As the Justice Department continues to pretend there’s nothing strange at all about its highly questionable tactics in shutting down Megaupload and having its executives arrested, the courts are still struggling with the details. A few weeks back, we noted that a judge in New Zealand rejected the US’s demand that New Zealand merely rubberstamp an extradition order to the US, despite there being numerous questions over the case itself and whether or not extradition is appropriate. As part of that, the judge also ordered the US Attorneys to hand over the evidence they’re using to make the case against Dotcom and his colleagues, such that they can properly respond to the evidence. The US, as you might expect has gone absolutely ballistic about this, insisting that such an effort is impossible

It’s great that a country is finally asking questions and not just letting the US come in, take what they want, and leave without having to deal with laws or reason. Regardless, it should be pretty interesting to see how this case works itself out.

Read more HERE


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App turns your phone into a remote for your xbox

Up until now, the Xbox Live app for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile has had limited functionality. You can change your avatar, check your points and Xbox currency, but not much more. But with an update to the app yesterday, you can now use your phone as a remote for your Xbox.

The remote is pretty simple— it’s got arrow buttons and circular buttons for navigating through menus, but it’s not something you could use to play games with. Yeah, you could just grab your Xbox controller, but it’s still a neat update that adds something kind of useful to the app while giving you something to flip through Netflix if you can’t be bothered to get off your ass to get the controller.

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It’s the 21st century and you don’t have a robot that mows your lawn?

The John Deere Tango E5 not only operates in all weather, it also doesn’t make that loud, annoying “lawnmower sound” or require any emptying of grass clippings. It also returns to its charger when its battery gets low, won’t open the pod bay doors.


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