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Send your friends and loved ones a Fart by Mail this holiday season. Yes this is a real thing.

California-based Zach Friedberg has started Fart By Mail, a mail order service to send stinky greetings “that smell like real poo.” Each fart is delivered with a greeting card that has “a custom message, heinous odor, and hilarious fart sound!”

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Shit Mitt Romney says

“I’m not familiar, precisely, with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.” -Mitt Romney

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Every person who wants the iPhone 5 in my mind

Just fucking insane.

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Those damn Juggalos

This 23 minute commercial for the 2012 gathering of the Juggalos is absolutely ridiculous. When I saw the spoofs on SNL I thought they were a bit over the top but it appears that the real deal is much more insane. So here, you probably need 23 minutes of crazy in your life anyways. Plus you wouldn’t want to miss out on a “Hardcore rap star party off in the woods!”

Oh and what the fuck are these people doing there?

The Game

The Geto Boys

Tech N9ne

George Clinton (actually no that makes sense)

Warren G

Biz Markie

P.O.D. (weren’t they a christian rock band?)

Master P


Cheech and Chong

Ralphie May (The really fat not funny comic)

Jamie Kennedy

Matt Hardy?

Oh, by the way, here is the SNL parody of these ridiculous commercials

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