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First full trailer for Monsters University

Find out more about Monsters University and see other trailers HERE

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New images and plot info from upcoming Monsters Inc. prequel “Monster University”

A few new images have been leaked. Enjoy. And read/watch/check out the website for Monsters University HERE

Monsters University Mike
Monsters U EW Prank

This is roughly around the time Mike and Sulley meet. They’re at a fraternity party, and this is Mike and Sulley getting off on the wrong foot a little bit….[The red creature in Sulley’s hands] is the monster equivalent of a farm animal. It is not a student. This is part of a college prank.

This next bit about a part of the plot may have some SPOILERS but it comes from somebody who got a sneak peek at a small part of the film.

The set up, according to Production Designer Ricky Nierva, is Mike and Sulley are at college both trying to become scarers. They quickly become rivals, which gets them kicked out of the program and the only way back in is to join a frat and compete in The Scare Games. And so begins the clip.

Mike and Sulley show up at a very quaint looking frat house with the Greek letters “OK” outside of it, standing for Oozma Kappa. They walk in, meet their new brothers and it’s immediately evident these aren’t the cool kids. They drink hot cocoa, call their living room “Party Central,” keep dream journals, they aren’t popular. There’s Don Carlton, a “mature student” who heads back to college after being laid off at his job, Terry & Terri, a pair of embarrassing Siamese twins, Squishy, a blobby guy who seems nice but says no one like him and Art, a “new age philosophy major,” who looks like a fluffy, flexible letter W. Each introduces themselves to Mike and Sulley and express their individual excitement of finally having new friends. It’s also pretty obvious these are not the best people to compete in the Scare Games with. Mike and Sulley, both disappointed at the prospect, are shown to their room – a very small bunk bed situation – when the lights go out.

Exploring what the problem is, they see a light in the basement. They walk down to find a frightening initiation ritual about to commence. Things are going well until the lights flip on. Everyone is disappointed and mad and we realize this frat house isn’t just a frat house. I won’t spoil the joke.


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Cannot wait

monsters university2monsters university

Monsters University, the prequel to Monsters Inc. just keeps releasing more and more teasers and it’s making me so damn antsy.

Watch the trailer HERE

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Website of the day: Monsters University (prequel to Monsters Inc)

Website of the day: Monsters University In preparation for the upcoming Monsters University movie, Pixar has put up a pretty detailed fake website for said university of monsterdom. Link

In preparation for the upcoming Monsters University movie, Pixar has put up an extremely detailed fake website for said university of monsterdom. The detail and hilarity of this website only makes me more and more excited for this incredible movie.
See the site HERE and watch the first trailer for “Monsters University” and Pixar’s entire lineup of coming films HERE.

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