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Rockstar games announces that the next Grand Theft Auto game will be biggest open sandbox game EVER

Grand Theft Auto games have been getting bigger and bigger with every version. Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con thought, Rockstar announced that the next version, GTA V, won’t just be the biggest GTA game ever, but the biggest open sandbox world in any video game in the history of video games. It will be so big that driving across it would be impractical and that flying a plane or helicopter might be the only way to get from end to end.

“The city was simply too small for effective and enjoyable flying,” the Q&A explains. “It was the first time we made a high definition open world, and it was a massive amount of work to make something on that scale.” But, the ability to control more flying vehicles will return in Grand Theft Auto 5. “Fear not, they are returning in what is our biggest open world game to date,” the post teases.


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