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The Last Barfighter is an arcade game that gives the winner a cup of beer

This may be the most genius innovation I’ve seen in a few years. Almost all bars have your classic Big Buck Hunter, Golden Tee, Darts, etc. All games that you can play with your friends and shove it in their face when you win. Well now you don’t even have to gloat, just take your beer and drink it down. The game plays like any retro fighting game but instead of taking place in a run-down temple, you fight in a bar, obviously. The actual gameplay doesn’t look too extravagant but let’s be honest, it’s not really the selling point.

The Beercade is like a microbrew-loving gamer’s dream come to life. This creation of advertising group McKinney is an old-school arcade game combined with a beer dispenser. Everything was made in-house, from the arcade cabinet to the game itself.

Player 1 and player 2 each place a cup below their respective tap, then battle in a retro fighting game to see who wins an actual pour. The Last Barfighter is a lot like Mortal Kombat, except it takes place in a bar. To the victor go the bubbly spoils while the loser gets to watch him drink.

The Beercade is now part of a marketing campaign for Big Boss Brewing, a craft brewer in North Carolina. It will be trotted out at special events as a much more exciting alternative to just having a bartender pour you a sample.


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Life tips

These are some useful tricks

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Things I Need: The Whiskey Advent Calander

Things you need this year: The Whiskey Advent Calendar Twenty five days of whiskey… I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Of the twenty five sample bottles, 24 are various types of whiskey, and in there somewhere is a single small bottle of a 50 year aged glass of perfection. Product link 

This absolutely genius creation from Master of Malt will help you get through the hectic holiday season with ease. Twenty-five days of delicious whiskey. The twenty-five bottles contain various types of whiskey, and somewhere in the mix, on one glorious day, you’ll be treated to a single bottle of 50 year aged perfection.

Product link 

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Genius: Donut shot glasses

Kahlua poured inside of the glazed shell goodness of a donut hole.

Simple American innovation. Genius.


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