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If you have twenty minutes, watch a kid’s acid trip go horribly, horribly wrong NSFW

The following 5 videos show what can happen if you take acid and it goes a bit awry. You can kind of see that this guy is just saying whatever comes to his mind, and by saying I mean shouting. Oh and of course, he’s naked. Needless to say, the videos are the farthest thing from being safe to watch at work so again, NSFW content. EXISTENCE!

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DARE drops marijuana from their curriculum

Almost everybody who went to elementary/middle school in the US knows all about DARE. The program attempts to educate young kids about the consequences of drug use in order to deter them from using drugs. As of this past week though, DARE has officially dropped marijuana from their curriculum. Due to the miniscule negative effects the drug has and the amount of time they spent teaching kids about marijuana, I’m guessing they realized that the time would be better spent educating kids about the dangers of actually dangerous drugs.

Has the national DARE organization — Drug Abuse Resistance Education — removed the discussion of marijuana from its curriculum? It appears the answer is yes, reports Kevin Shaub at KNDU.

Nearly 100 students who graduated from the Sunset View Elementary DARE program in Kennewick, Washington, will be the last group to be taught the potential dangers of marijuana, said the Kennewick Police Department’s DARE officer, Mike Meyer.
“The new curriculum starts as of December for us here in Kennewick,” Meyer said. “It does not bring up the subject of marijuana at all.”
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A truly bad trip

After taking a legal drug known to the kids as “meow meow”, a teenager in the UK started hallucinating so bad that he ripped off his own scrotum. Ripped off his own god damn nut sack. Keep away from the meow mix, kids.

Cops warned people to stay away from the drug Mephedrone which is sold legally on the internet as PLANT FERTILISER.

Its chemical formula is one molecule different to ecstasy and as such dealers are claiming is not a controlled substance.

It is more commonly known on the streets as “drone”, “bubble”, “meow meow” or “legal high”.

Durham Police are warning that its use can result in severe nose bleeds, nose burns, hallucinations, blood circulation problems, rashes, anxiety and paranoia, fits, delusions and can lead to a heart attack.

But a police report – some of which was based on online forums about the drug – revealed a lad in Durham had tried to rip off his testicles after taking it.

The Durham Police report states: “A large number of contributors state how addictive mephedrone is and they are constantly topping up as one individual states that after using it for 18 hours his hallucinations led him to believe that centipedes were crawling over him and biting him.

“This led him to receive hospital treatment after he ripped his scrotum off.”

Cops warned the drug can also become addictive and taken with alcohol or cut with other drugs it could result in death.


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How much weed would it take to kill you?

Drugs like cocaine, crack and heroin can be lethal even at moderate doses, depending on your body chemistry and health. But what about weed? How much weed would you have to smoke to overdose and die? Way more than you could ever possibly intake.

From a study done in 1988 by the US Department of Justice and the DEA:

“In layman terms this means that in order to induce death, a marijuana smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette. NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately .9 grams. A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.”

So if somehow, you can smoke 15000 pounds of weed in fifteen minutes, you’d overdose. Otherwise, you’re fine.


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