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Comic of the day: Bug meeting

bug meeting

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How to suck at your own religion

See the full comic HERE

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Marvels One-Shot: Item 47 (A mini-movie that starts where The Avengers left off)

Starring Lizzy Caplan (Party Down) and Jesse Bradford (Swimfan) Item 47 begins where The Avengers left off. After a large portion of the city is destroyed, and the super heroes go back to their normal life, Lizzy and Jesse find one of the alien weapons left behind. They struggle over what to do with it and make the choice that many others would; they use it to rob banks. Item 47 will be available only on the special edition Blu-Ray disc of The Avengers but you can bet your money that I’ll post it on here once it leaks.

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Fun with Stereotypes

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Fun with politics!

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