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This is what love is

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Hey fatties, now you can reach those chips at the bottom of a Pringles can with The Bloom Chip Tube

Pringles are yummy, but they have one major flaw— the stupid, skinny cylindrical can. Sure, it keeps all the chips stacked nice and neat to reduce the number of broken chips, but unless you’ve got small hands and arms, getting the bottom third is a pain. The solution? The Bloom Chips can. Ingeniously, it transforms from a tube into a bowl for easier munching.

Young designer Dohyuk Kwon encountered the same problem we all have before: He was enjoying a package of Pringles potato crisps until, suddenly, he found the chip level had sunk to a critical expletive-laden stage just below the reach of his fingers. “So I sketched a more convenient package of chips,” he tells Co.Design.

His concept is called Bloom Chips, and it won a Red Dot Award for its obvious brilliance: Bloom Chips is a wrinkled cylinder that unfurls to create its own bowl. “Its mechanism is more complex than it looks,” says Kwon. “Simply speaking, it’s like a blooming flower.” The idea is so instantly impressive that it’s impossible to imagine why no one at Procter & Gamble thought of it first.


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