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Game of Thrones characters as cats


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One Indiana State Prison allows inmates to adopt cats and keep them in their cells

A few years ago, one prison in Indiana began to allow criminals to adopt kittens and keep them in their cells. The criminals allowed to have cats range from murderers to burglars, and the program actually seems to be improving quality of life and the overall atmosphere of the maximum security prison.

Read about the program HERE

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Crazy cat people busted for hoarding 135 cats

Normally, I’ve got better stories to run than cat hoarders. Sadly, people all over the place hoard cats and there’s a story like this somewhere in the US on a daily basis. But what makes this story 2TFU worthy is just the fucking mugshots of the hoarders, all three of are like cartoon caricatures of crazy cat hoarding people. Yes, this is all about making fun of a few people because they just happen to look crazy as hell.

“They just kept coming out of the house all these cats. I don’t even know how that many cats got in one trailer to tell you the truth.”

With a search warrant in hand state police entered a trailer at D&R Village mobile home park in the Town of Halfmoon Monday and discovered 135 cats, 2 of them dead.

Neighbors we spoke to did not want to be identified but tell us an elderly couple lived in the mobile home.

“I could smell the pee when I walked my dog past the house back in October and November it was awful, it was horrible.”

State Police were tipped off by a local animal hospital after the owner brought in a kitten suffering from severe medical issues, the kitten died within the hour and that prompted a month long investigation. Police say the owner had been picking up stray cats off the streets of Troy and within the trailer park.

Neighbors say they see plenty of stray cats in the neighborhood, in fact the culprit they say are loose panels on some mobile homes. They say cats wander in there and then multiply.

“You’ll hear them fighting in the middle of the night. You sit here and watch kittens come out from underneath homes.”

We asked neighbors about a pet policy, they told us residents are allowed to have pets. As for all the stray cats running around the park, neighbors say management hasn’t done much.

“They say that they’ve approached the town and the town was supposed to handle it. To me it’s just a bs story because they didn’t want to be involved in it.”


While I’m on the topic of cats, here is a video I have not been able to find a place for:

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Cats v Dogs

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