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Grown-up movies and TV shows in kid friendly versions

Artwork by Justin White


The Breakfast Club

Breaking Bad






Fight Club

The Graduate

Leon (The Professional)


Kindergarten Cop

Night of the Living Dead

Midnight Cowboy

The Office



Reservoir Dogs

The Room

Saved by the Bell

The Shining

There Will Be Blood

Twin Peaks

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Mediocre Cartoon of the week

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We’ve got a situation; this guy’s MacPaint skills are off the charts.

Watch a guy draw Iron Man in MacPaint on a 1984 Macintosh

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Watch the first full episode of Disney’s ‘Tron Uprising’ animated series right now

Disney recently put the first episode of their brand new animated series ‘Tron Uprising’ on YouTube for now, so give it a peek. This first episode is called “Beck’s Beginning”, about a program named Beck who has aspirations of becoming the next Tron.

Tron Uprising premieres on Disney XD June 7 at 9pm EST.

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Sharks must have great moms

Dana Terrace is a third-year animation student at the School of Visual Arts, and probably has tons of stories to tell. Kickball, about two new friends meeting after a quick dust-up, is a really sweet beginning.


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Ridiculous cartoon of the day: The Starbarians

If you watch only one cartoon about a group of psychotic space barbarians flying through the galaxy in a rocketship shaped like a dinosaur with massive breasts, I would highly recommend you make it this one, animated by Harry Partridge of Saturday Morning Watchmen fame. Possibly NSFW.Via

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I love this

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