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Why I love the internet (especially Reddit): The Story of Karen the bus monitor

On a school trip, a bunch of middle school students from Rochester, New York began verbally bullying the shit out of a 68 year old woman named Karen, who was brought along as a bus monitor to try and keep the hellions in line. But when most of the kids on the bus start hurling a torrent of insults at her, Karen loses it and breaks down crying, which only fuels the fire.

One of the students who wasn’t participating in the onslaught caught it on video, the video hit Reddit and Redditors got together to raise money for the woman to give her “the vacation of a lifetime”. Out of a goal of $5000, the internet has raised so far over $125,000. The donation drive was started by the student who shot the video, who says he’s working on transferring the money to Karen Klein.

The video is below, and it’s kind of hard to watch. The lessons here are a) teenagers can be some of the most evil, vile and hurtful hell beasts to walk the Earth, b) a few teenagers can actually be pretty awesome and c) don’t fuck with the internet.

You can donate here

Original Reddit thread here

UPDATE: They have now raised over $300,000.

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