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Bill Murray party crashing tour

Bill Murray has been known to crash random parties in NYC and a couple other cities in the US. Most reports say that he always brings something to offer the host, is incredible nice and polite, and has a great time with almost everyone. I’ve always wanted, more than anything, to have a chance to party with Bill Murray, but as you can imagine, I didn’t think I would ever get the chance being that he typically only does it in NYC. A few days ago however, I read a story about Bill Murray doing a national party crashing tour and my hopes and dreams were reignited. Although Bill himself hasn’t spoken to the press, his agent, Paul Horner, gave out the details, as well as the tour schedule, and you can take a guess as to when I’ll be in Minneapolis.

Mr. Murray did not speak to reporters but did have his agent Paul Horner answer some of their questions and make a few statements. “Mr. Murray is looking to take a vacation around the United States. He’s hoping that if he shows up to your party with a bottle of wine or vegetable tray, you will be able to make the proper accommodations for him. This includes allowing him to sleep on your couch or in a spare bedroom, both of those options being completely acceptable.”

Now in order for Bill Murray to come crash your party, his agent says that there are a few conditions:

Horner continued to explain some of the conditions of the tour to reporters. “All we ask is that if Mr. Murray does decide to crash your party, please give him his space. He’s a human being, just like you and me. He’s just looking for a good time and a fun way to connect with fans.” Horner then went on to explain more details about the tour, “At these parties, Mr. Murray does not want to be called ‘Bill Murray’ but instead wants to be referred to as ‘Kaiser Soze’. Activities that Mr. Murray enjoys are drinking and karaoke. Having those two things at your party will definitely increase your chances of him making an appearance. Also it is extremely important that any house or location interested in participating have a sheet or banner of some kind attached to their establishment the night of the party. It must say in big bold letters, ‘BILL MURRAY CAN CRASH HERE’. This will let Mr. Murray know at what locations he is welcome.”

The Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour will kick off August 1st in Phoenix, Arizona and will end September 10th in Austin, Texas.

Now lets all call the Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour Hotline: (785) 273-0325 and tell him to come to Madison, WI for a night or two, eh?

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

Bill Murray Party Crashing Tour signs

Bill Murray can crash here signs

Bill Murray can crash here signs


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Watch this NOW; the first trailer for “Hyde Park on Hudson” starring Bill Murray as FDR

Here’s the first trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson, starring Bill Murray as FDR, depicting the visit of the King and Queen of England to America, the first diplomatic visit of British royalty to the US. I cannot wait to see this movie when it comes out on December 7th of this year.

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Bill fucking murray

I love Bill Murray. You can tell by all of THESE posts that have him in them.

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