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How Jack Nicholson got cast as The Joker

In 1980, while scheming a silver screen pitch, Michael Uslan, the man who bought the rights to “Batman,” came across a promotional image of Nicholson’s character from “The Shining” in the New York Post… Uslan painted over the image with whiteout and transformed Nicholson’s furious features into that of the clownish villain.


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I love to say “I told you so!” (WARNING: The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler in links)

I finally got around to seeing The Dark Knight Rises the other night and at the end a feeling of extreme smugness and joy came over me. Now if you haven’t seen the movie, I wouldn’t recommend that you click on the links that will soon follow in this post, they contain information that will ruin the movie for you. Regardless, back in September and December of last year I wrote a couple posts based off of some rumors going around the interweb. The two posts, to which I have linked below, predicted a certain actor’s character and who they would be portraying. After the credits rolled on The Dark Knight Rises, I was happy to see my predictions had been extremely accurate. And to think, if only you would have been checking my site back in September and December of last year, you would have known the secrets well ahead of every body else.

September Post (WARNING: The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler)

December Post (WARNING: The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler)



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Listen to the entire Hans Zimmer soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises right now

In anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises hitting theaters later this month, Warner Bros released the Hans Zimmer soundtrack for free, which you can listen to via the embed link below.


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The best marketing piece for the new Dark Knight film I’ve seen so far.


Billboard found on Sunset and La Brea in Hollywood. Not a graphic, but a 3D hole in a billboard with destruction extruding.


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Breaking News: The Dark Knight Rises website is doing things…..

Thanks to an anon for pointing this out— I was going to get to it a bit later, but what the hell. Yes, the official website for The Dark Knight Rises changed today, with an interactive criminal file and arrest warrant for the lawless vigilante known as “The Batman”.

Check it out here

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