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In case you didn’t already absolutely loathe every member of the Westboro Baptist Church…

Today, Shirley Phelps-Roper, an absolute fucking moron and member of the Westboro Baptist church, confirmed that they would be picketing the funerals of the children killed in the senseless Newtown massacre.

I’m too fucking angry to even comment.  If I were in the WBC, I’d make sure I had a will in order before going to Sandy Hook.


UPDATE: The hackivist group Anonymous has already reacted and promised to focus their power on destroying the WBC And its members.
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If you have twenty minutes, watch a kid’s acid trip go horribly, horribly wrong NSFW

The following 5 videos show what can happen if you take acid and it goes a bit awry. You can kind of see that this guy is just saying whatever comes to his mind, and by saying I mean shouting. Oh and of course, he’s naked. Needless to say, the videos are the farthest thing from being safe to watch at work so again, NSFW content. EXISTENCE!

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Geraldo Rivera: “Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is as responsible for his death as George Zimmerman”

Jesus christ. I can’t even think of anything to write about this. Good god Geraldo you ignorant, crass, fucking moron.

HERE is some more absurd stuff he said

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This fucking guy

Yes, this shit again. But Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona has spent the last six months with a team of cops and detectives investigating the whole birther mystery and after six months of examining a PDF document he got off the internet, he somehow concluded that Obama’s long form birth certificate is probably a fake.

An investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched six months ago by “America’s toughest sheriff” – Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County – has concluded there is probable cause that the document released by the White House last year as President Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.

The investigative team has asked Arpaio, who is at a news conference in Phoenix live-streamed by WND TV that began at 3 p.m. Eastern time, to elevate the investigation to a criminal probe that will make available the resources of his Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The posse says it has identified at least one person of interest in the alleged forgery of Obama’s birth certificate.

Arapaio, known for his strict enforcement of immigration laws, commissioned the investigative team after local citizens presented him with a petition expressing concern that Obama might not be eligible for Arizona’s presidential ballot.

In addition to the live-streaming, WND is making available to the public a report distributed to media today by Arpaio’s investigators.

The posse, comprised of former law enforcement officers and lawyers with law enforcement experience, has interviewed dozens of witnesses and examined hundreds of documents. It also has taken numerous sworn statements from witnesses around the world.

Mike Zullo, Arpaio’s lead investigator, said his team believes the Hawaii Department of Health has engaged in a systematic effort to hide from public inspection any original 1961 birth records it may have in its possession.

“Officers of the Hawaii Department of Health and various elected Hawaiian public officials may have intentionally obscured 1961 birth records and procedures to avoid having to release to public inspection and to the examination of court-authorized forensic examiners any original Obama 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may or may not have,” Zullo said.

The investigators say the evidence contained in the computer-generated PDF file released by the White House as well as important deficiencies in the Hawaii process of certifying the long-form birth certificate establish probable cause that a forgery has been committed.

Yes, that’s right. In order to try and figure out if a document was a forgery, Arpaio and his team spent six months examining a PDF file of the document. And what did they find? The PDF file had layers. LAYERS! You hear that Obama?

If you watch the videos on World Net Daily, you’ll see that Arpaio basically “discovered” the same thing that Birthers and others discovered the same day the PDF version of the birth certificate came from the White House— the PDF contains layers in which various bits of the document are contained and that the compression artifacts aren’t consistant across the document. That proves nothing. Trying to validate a paper document from a PDF is impossible, especially if you don’t know the who’s had it and what the process was to scan it.

Yes, it has layers, but the layers don’t have any logic behind them.

Also, if you really want to get into it, you would notice that it’s clear the document wasn’t “forged” using a computer font and that not a single character is exactly the same, meaning it was most likely typed on a typewriter. And if someone went through the trouble to add slight variety to each individual layer to forge such a document, you don’t think they would then have the sense to merge everything into a single layer afterwards? It’s one click.

I know I’m mostly preaching to the choir here, but as a graphic designer, I feel the need to rant on how incredibly fucking moronic this is. So how did these layers happen? Who fucking cares? Probably some secretary somewhere scanned it straight into Microsoft Word or something equally awful that did weird things to the image.

Okay, I’ll shut up. I don’t even know why I’m still going on about such an obvious load of shit.


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