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DARE drops marijuana from their curriculum

Almost everybody who went to elementary/middle school in the US knows all about DARE. The program attempts to educate young kids about the consequences of drug use in order to deter them from using drugs. As of this past week though, DARE has officially dropped marijuana from their curriculum. Due to the miniscule negative effects the drug has and the amount of time they spent teaching kids about marijuana, I’m guessing they realized that the time would be better spent educating kids about the dangers of actually dangerous drugs.

Has the national DARE organization — Drug Abuse Resistance Education — removed the discussion of marijuana from its curriculum? It appears the answer is yes, reports Kevin Shaub at KNDU.

Nearly 100 students who graduated from the Sunset View Elementary DARE program in Kennewick, Washington, will be the last group to be taught the potential dangers of marijuana, said the Kennewick Police Department’s DARE officer, Mike Meyer.
“The new curriculum starts as of December for us here in Kennewick,” Meyer said. “It does not bring up the subject of marijuana at all.”
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NYC weed delivery services see huge spike in business in Hurricane Sandy aftermath

In the after effects of Hurricane Sandy, pot dealers throughout NYC, especially Brooklyn, are reporting huge spikes in sales. Apparently, when public transportation is down, electricity is off, and the cops have much better things to do, people in dark apartments who have nothing to do tend to want to get high. Who would have thought?

“I did 34 calls today,” said a salesperson from a popular weed delivery service — who we’ll call Sam — to ANIMAL last night in Bushwick. “That might be a record.” The herbal courier attributed the uptick in business to a daily exodus of pot-seeking Manhattanites.

With power still out in neighborhoods like the East Village and Lower East Side and absolutely no outages right across the river in Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn has become an important staging area.”A lot of people from Manhattan are going to their friends’ apartments in Brooklyn to buy their weed. We’re almost sold out.”

“You should probably stock up,” said Sam, as he displayed the “medium” (5.2 grams for $120) and “large” (7 grams for $200) glass jars with names like “Sister Chem” and “OG Kush.” Note: These are normal prices for this particular service and since weed delivery services engage in price gouging as a matter of routine business, they didn’t tack on any storm-related costs.

While shuffling through the various strains for the four or so minutes that the transaction took place, his phone rang two times from two different customers.

“This is crazy,” he while shuffling out the door to make another delivery. “I’ve never seen it like this.”


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Some of the more surprising contributors and proponets for legalization


Legalization, or the decriminalization of marijuana if you will, is no longer just a fringe issue supported by a bunch of old hippies and burn-outs. With the insane amount of money poured into the War on Drugs and people being thrown into jails just for being in possession of a little bag of weed, more and more people have taken notice and the some serious money has finally started flowing in to support the cause. Several states have some pro-marijuana initiatives on their ballots this falls and as more attention is brought to these pieces of legislation, the same attention is being paid to those who are donating their time and influence to the cause; a few of whom you may be surprised by…

Peter Lewis, chairman, Progressive Insurance. Lewis’ company carries a small hint of lefty flavor, from its name to its casual corporate dress code, and Lewis himself is marijuana’s biggest financial backer. After supporting California’s Prop. 19 legalization campaign in 2010, Lewis has given far more than any other individual donor to the campaigns in Colorado and Washington – $875,650 and $650,000 respectively.

David Bronner, CEO, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. Those earthy-looking hemp soaps, sold at Whole Foods, could be more profitable if the company didn’t have to import its hemp from Canada, and David Bronner, son of the original Dr. Bronner, is an avid hemp activist, most recently getting arrested outside the White House after firefighters had to cut him out of a metal cage in which he locked himself in protest. Bronner has pledged $50,000 to the Colorado legalization campaign, according to an official, although his donation hasn’t yet been made official.

Rick Steves, author and TV host, Rick Steves’ Europe. He might be the best known American expert on European travel, with dozens of books on travel destinations and a travel series on public television. He also wants pot to be legal. While Steves himself hasn’t contributed to either legalization initiative in 2012, the committee to promote Washington’s ballot initiative has reported taking in $150,000 from his company, Rick Steves’ Europe, since last year.

George Zimmer, founder and CEO, Men’s Wearhouse. You’re gonna like the way your state looks with legalized marijuana: George Zimmer guarantees it. The Men’s Wearhouse CEO has not donated to either of this year’s state campaigns, but he backed Prop. 19 in California in 2010 to the tune of $50,000, and he’s known as a major supporter of pot legalization.


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Connecticut is the latest state to legalize medical marijuana

A couple days ago, the CT legislature made the tiny state the seventeenth state to legalize the use of marijuana for medical reasons. Unlike California, which now has weed dispensaries on every corner, Connecticut weed will be a bit more tightly regulated.

Under the bill, patients and their caregivers must register with the Department of Consumer Protection. In addition, their doctors must certify that there is a medical need for marijuana to be dispensed, like in the case of debilitating diseases like cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy.

On the surface, this law sounds strict, but we’ll see how long until the chillest doctors find a way around it. In other states, marijuana is prescribed for anxiety, depression, and insomnia, among other conditions.


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Does smoking weed help win football games? For the Oregon Ducks it does.

For the football team of the University of Oregon in Eugene, pot is just part of the culture and it’s something many players credit to the team’s success. Oh yeah, well that’s Oregon, right? There is a hell of a lot of weed in Eugene, but it’s not just Oregon. More often around the country, student athletes are claiming that getting high before a game helps them concentrate on their performance.

The Ducks are savoring their win over Wisconsin, Oregon’s first victory in a Rose Bowl since 1917 and Chip Kelly’s first postseason triumph as head coach. Earlier today, the school buzzed as the team made its victory lap around campus. Now, as one Duck relishes another kind of high, he wants to make something clear. “It’s not just us,” he says, taking another hit. “If you think Oregon’s the only team smoking weed, you’re crazy.”

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Snoop is at it again; releasing a smokable songbook. Yes, that’s right, a smokable songbook

To coincide with this year’s Coachella festival, Snoop Dogg is releasing Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook, which will be printed entirely on hemp seed paper, Gawker reports. Naturally, non-toxic ink is used to print Snoop’s “classic” lyrics and signature phrases. The book’s spine is held together with a match-striking surface. Oh, and the pages are perforated.

It’s intellectual and smokable. Pass that shit.


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Great scene

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