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An absolutely genius innovation

THE MINE KAFON is a Semifinalist in the $200,000 FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition and is in the running to become the $100,000 Grand Prize Winner. It could also be named an Audience Favorite if it’s among the ten that receives the most votes. If you love it, vote for it. Click on the VOTE button in the top right corner of the video player. Note that voting may not be available on all mobile platforms, and browser cookies must be enabled to vote.

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World’s most advanced prosthetic arm

“A father who lost his arm in an accident six years ago has been given a new lease of life by a hi-tech bionic hand which is so precise he can type again. Nigel Ackland, 53, has been fitted with the Terminator-like carbon fibre mechanical hand which he can control with movements in his upper arm.”


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Speaking of V for Vendetta

Amazing Living Bridge

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Real Musical Talent

These two are the asteroid that ends the life of all of the Biebasaurous Rexes

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genius marketing

For Coke, not SkyFall

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