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It’s Monday, so here are some places I’d rather be

As per usual, click on the images for full size photos

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Here’s a daymaker for you

I don’t know why I enjoy this so much, maybe because I love this piece so much, or maybe because everybody seems so genuinely affected by being a part of this but this video is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen in a while and it brought a tear to my eye.

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Watch some guy in Manchester tear apart a T-mobile store

That’s what you get for having the worst service in the entire world, but look ‘ere, ‘e joost tore ‘at thing off the wall ‘ere innit?

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Two groups beat Diablo III in 7 hours, one guy beats it solo in 12. All of them are still working on setting the record for longest time without talking to a girl.

Within just seven hours of Diablo III being released yesterday, several groups had already beaten the game and within 12 hours, one lone bastard beat the game single-handedly. While these sorts of speed runs don’t really allow for a real enjoyment of the content, it is pretty impressive and it’s the kind of crazy that comes with most Blizzard releases.

The single player who beat the game, named Yoshichan, posted his end-game stats, and has a time of twelve hours and twenty-nine minutes. He made it to level 32 as a barbarian, playing on normal difficulty.

Of the two groups that cleared the game in seven hours, one was from South Korea, the other from China.


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Bad ass 92 year old ships bootleg movies to the troops overseas and doesn’t give a fuck

While the MPAA goes after people for downloading ripped theater vids of Twilight, 92 year old Hyman Strachman has been churning out shitloads of DVDs of first run movies to send to American troops overseas. Because he’s old and he’s doing it for the troops, so the MPAA can suck it.

“Big Hy” — his handle among many loyal customers — would almost certainly be cast as Hollywood Enemy No. 1 but for a few details. He is actually Hyman Strachman, a 92-year-old, 5-foot-5 World War II veteran trying to stay busy after the death of his wife. And he has sent every one of his copied DVDs, almost 4,000 boxes of them to date, free to American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

With the United States military presence in those regions dwindling, Big Hy Strachman will live on in many soldiers’ hearts as one of the war’s more shadowy heroes.

“It’s not the right thing to do, but I did it,” Mr. Strachman said, acknowledging that his actions violated copyright law.

“If I were younger,” he added, “maybe I’d be spending time in the hoosegow.”

Capt. Bryan Curran, who recently returned from Afghanistan, estimated that from 2008 to 2010, Mr. Strachman sent more than 2,000 DVDs to his outfits there.

“You’re shocked because your initial image is of some back-alley Eastern European bootlegger — not an old Jewish guy on Long Island,” Captain Curran said. “He would time them with the movie’s release — whenever a new movie was just in theaters, we knew Big Hy would be sending us some. I saw ‘The Transformers’ before it hit the States.”

Jenna Gordon, a specialist in the Army Reserve, said she had handed out even more of Mr. Strachman’s DVDs last year as a medic with the 883rd Medical Company east of Kandahar City, where soldiers would gather for movie nights around personal computers, with mortar blasting in the background. Some knew only that the discs came from some dude named Big Hy; others knew not even that.

“It was pretty big stuff — it’s reconnecting you to everything you miss,” she said. “We’d tell people to take a bunch and pass them on.”

White-haired, slightly hunched and speaking in his Depression-era Brooklyn brogue (think Casey Stengel after six years of Hebrew school), Mr. Strachman explained in a recent interview that his 60-hour-a-week venture was winding down. “It’s all over anyways — they’re all coming home in the near future,” he said of the troops.

As he spoke, he was busy preparing some packages, filled with 84 discs of “The Artist,” “Moneyball” and other popular films, many of them barely out of theaters, to a platoon in Afghanistan.

As for his brazen violation of domestic copyright laws, Mr. Strachman nodded guiltily but pointed to his walls, which are strewed with seven huge American flags, dozens of appreciative letters, and snapshots of soldiers holding up their beloved DVDs.

“Every time I got back an emotional e-mail or letter, I sent them another box,” he said, adding that he had never accepted any money for the movies or been told by any authorities to stop.


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Snoop is at it again; releasing a smokable songbook. Yes, that’s right, a smokable songbook

To coincide with this year’s Coachella festival, Snoop Dogg is releasing Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook, which will be printed entirely on hemp seed paper, Gawker reports. Naturally, non-toxic ink is used to print Snoop’s “classic” lyrics and signature phrases. The book’s spine is held together with a match-striking surface. Oh, and the pages are perforated.

It’s intellectual and smokable. Pass that shit.


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