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Tattoo Tuesdays

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A gallery of some real bad-asses

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Irish philosophy

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First picture of Tom Hanks as Walt Disney

This picture of a portrait is the first look at Tom Hanks in character as Walt Disney in the upcoming December movie ‘Saving Mr. Banks’. The film, which will be released December 20, 2013, tells the story of Disney’s 14-year effort to convince Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers to turn over the rights to her book. Emma Thompson plays Travers, and she’s been spotted by photographers, too.


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Photo series of the day: Tokyo Compression

Photographer Michael Wolf did an amazing photo series titled “Tokyo Compression” that chronicles the people who ride the infamously overcrowded trains in Tokyo.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Things I want: Solitaire.exe playing cards

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You are correct. It’s a deck of cards that looks exactly like the deck you played with as a kid using Windows 95 because there was nothing else to do on a computer. This is one of the best creations I’ve seen in a while and, as such, they are currently sold out. They should be restocked before Christmas so be sure to pick up a deck for yourself, or a friend, or me.

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