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Etsy Product of the Day: Snail Avengers

Etsy Product of the day: Snail Avengers

by Fallen Designs

Really hate somebody? Send them some elephant shit through the mail

1 Elephant shit sent through mail

Yes, that’s right, ship them a big box of elephant poop, right to their front door. The site also offers cow dung or gorilla dung too, if you’re feeling spicy. I don’t know whether I would be more upset or just impressed that somebody hates me enough to pay 15$ for a literal piece of shit.

Send some shit HERE

1 when somebody asks me something i like

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Seriously though

Ever wonder what 7 billion people actually look like? Then this website of the week is for you.

7 billion people website

The website, 7BillionWorld.com, is pretty incredible. It has the entire population of the world, 7 billion people, categorized by where they live, all on one page. It’s pretty crazy to browse through it and realize how small of a portion one person makes up in this world. Just a good website to put some things into perspective.

Check it out HERE

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