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The best music video I’ve seen in years

This music video will make you be a better person.

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Incredible: Gary Busey tries to explain Hobbits

“The Hobbits got one up on us from that. God damn Hobbits they’re so cute.”

“They travel in packs of four”

Can we diagnose him as officially insane yet?

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ALGEBRAIC! Netflix to stream Cartoon Network and Adult Swim programs

Netflix scored another big streaming deal recently, bringing in a bunch of seasons of a bunch of shows from Cartoon Network and CN’s Adult Swim block. This includes all seasons of Adventure Time, Johnny Bravo, Ben 10 and Regular Show as well as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken. Netflix also scored streaming rights for The Boondocks and Children’s Hospital. Guess I’ll wait a little longer to get cable again.

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