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What do you get for working at LEGO for 25 years? A golden LEGO brick

This is the gold brick LEGO shits out to employees who have been working for the company for 25 years I assume it actually fits with regular plastic LEGO bricks, but this $14,000 gold LEGO brick isn’t something you’ll find anywhere anytime soon. Via

This golden LEGO has a value of $14,000 and any LEGO employee who lasts 25 years at the company gets one. I wonder if it would fit a regular plastic brick though, that’s the real question.


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Annual Argentinian Street Art Festival “Meeting of the Styles”

Each year street artists from all over the globe travel to Argentina for “The Meeting of the Styles.” The video isn’t the best quality in itself (coughshitsoundtrackcough) but some of the art is absolutely incredible if you appreciate some good graffiti.

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