Live-Action Magic School Bus: The Movie

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2 thoughts on “Live-Action Magic School Bus: The Movie

  1. Tysean Slowe says:

    I like this show…
    I am so disappointed and uptight that nobody would go this far to make a movie about it!!!
    Or they shouldn’t have made this trailer at all, cuz maybe “Last Friday” Isnt gonna do the same as this. I want this movie to run in theatres… cuz I use to love this show, and I aint giving it up! this movie should run… NOW

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really want this movie to run in theatres.
    I dont knpw how everyone else hates the magic school bus and all the lther baby shows, but i guess they got no sense of memory of their own childhood as a kid watching tv shows that they onced loved…
    Anyways, i love to see this movie but since yall say that it was impossible- well was it impossible to create that trailer?
    It sure aint. You really gotta get the cast back together to make this movie… Because almost everyone is gonna wanna know what is gonna happen. Please!!!
    I was born when it was running the cartoon of season 3 and the End of season 2. Plus I have seen all the episodes! Do you guys think making the trailer was impossible? Well, guess what, With Liz, Ms.Frizzle, and The Bus, ANYTHING is possible!!!
    I’m sure everyone would like to see this movie. I really do. So may you give this message to Moving Mind Studio that the Magic School Bus: The Movie trailer was very cool, and that they should completely make a movie out of it, because whoever cares for the Magic School Bus (MSB) when they were little, then they sure do wanna know what is gonna happen to the Students and to Ms. Frizzle.
    Remember, making this movie is gonna make a lot of MSB fans happy. Like me and the others. ANYTHING is possible!!!
    Thank You for reading this message…
    I don’t just think so, I know so. Please make this movie for the fans to be happy.

    -MSB fan

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