Guy’s father/daughter pictures are the absolute best thing I’ve seen in years

See more HERE and donate to his Kickstarter page HERE

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18 thoughts on “Guy’s father/daughter pictures are the absolute best thing I’ve seen in years

  1. Anonymous says:

    this was awesome. really enjoyed the creativity.

  2. Killian says:

    Awesome. So well done and with much humor. Love it. Jason Lee may have started the trend, but it’s nice to see other people following suit and doing it just as well!

  3. Everything about this guy screams “annoying douche”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Funny and clever.

  5. Sobbie says:

    Really enjoyed them. Funny.

  6. Kelly Brilliant says:

    Finally something to disrupt (if just a tad) helicopter parenting! Amen!

  7. Anonymous says:

    giggling uncontrollably.

  8. Gabriel says:

    the dude really loves his WORLDS BEST FATHER cup.

  9. Mother_of_the_Century says:

    some of these photos are incredibly dangerous for that young of a child. I can’t believe all you people are actually on board with this that child could be seriously hurt. If child services saw these then the photos you’ve taken will be all you have left of that child.

  10. Dan says:

    @Trendy IT Guy
    Your comment seems more applicable to yourself.

  11. Dan says:

    I know! I can’t believe he had her swallow a coffee mug! She could have choked on that! You should call the FBI on this guy.

  12. Georgios says:

    Most of these are not actual pictures but rather photoshoped parts taken from different pictures. Even the one that she seems to be holding his leg in front of the fireplace is fake:

    The pictures are funny, he is a great artist, and to quote his own words: “The character I portray in this series is intended to be a parody of the father I hope I never become–distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even occasionally overbearing”.

  13. Anonymous says:

    thats not his kid…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have seen this post before and I still love it

  15. Anonymous says:

    omfg HOW DARLING. best dad ever. ❤

  16. Ryan says:

    @Anonymous, I believe that is his child actually.

    @Mother_of_the_Century, You are not serious?? You really think these are real? I hope you really aren’t someones mother, you must be the most naïve person ever…

    These are very creative, love them.

  17. Anonymous says:

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