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In Sweden, File Sharing is essentially a religion, introducing Kopimism.

In Sweden this year a government agency registered a new religion, Kopimism. At the core beliefs and values of this new religion is one very important and interesting belief, the holy belief in file sharing. For those who don’t know Sweden is kind of the center of illegal downloads and file sharing, as many websites that allow worldwide file sharing are based out of Sweden where copyright laws are rarely enforced. This new religion, which already has over 8,000 members on it’s website, should be an interested curveball thrown to legislators and production companies who attempt to utilize copyright laws.

STOCKHOLM — People almost everywhere are file sharing these days, using computers to download music, films, books or other materials, often ignoring copyrights. In Sweden, however, it is a religion. Really.

Even as this Scandinavian country, like other nations across Europe, bows to pressure from big media concerns to stop file sharing, a Swedish government agency this year registered as a bona fide religion a church whose central dogma is that file sharing is sacred.

“For me it is a kind of believing in deeper values than worldly values,” said Isak Gerson, a philosophy student at Uppsala University who helped found the church in 2010 and bears the title chief missionary. “You have it in your backbone.”

Kopimism — the name comes from a Swedish spelling of the words “copy me” — claims more than 8,000 faithful who have signed up on the church’s Web site. It has applied for the right to perform marriages and to receive subsidies awarded to religious organizations by the state, and it has bid, thus far unsuccessfully, to buy a church building, even though most church activities are conducted online.

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Carl Fucking Sagan

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Marvels One-Shot: Item 47 (A mini-movie that starts where The Avengers left off)

Starring Lizzy Caplan (Party Down) and Jesse Bradford (Swimfan) Item 47 begins where The Avengers left off. After a large portion of the city is destroyed, and the super heroes go back to their normal life, Lizzy and Jesse find one of the alien weapons left behind. They struggle over what to do with it and make the choice that many others would; they use it to rob banks. Item 47 will be available only on the special edition Blu-Ray disc of The Avengers but you can bet your money that I’ll post it on here once it leaks.

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California gets the green light for a high speed rail system


Lawmakers in California approved plans for a high speed rail system to be implemented in the state. Many thought the first high speed rail trains would be used on the East coast but I suppose they have a little more ground to cover out West, regardless, this will hopefully be the beginning of an elaborate system of high speed rails throughout the US which would help to reduce our dependency on foreign oil as well as our CO2 production.

The nation’s first dedicated high-speed rail line, in California, finally got the green light. California lawmakers voted 21-16 to begin building the multibillion-dollar project that will save us from other rail forms.

The bill will allow California to begin selling $4.5 billion of voter-approved bonds. Of those, $2.6 billion will build the initial 130-mile stretch of the rail in Central Valley. This segment will run from Madera to Bakersfield. The completed project will run from Los Angeles to San Francisco and should cost $68 billion. At the moment, the bill is on its way to Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown for his signature.


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