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US attorneys go ballistic over Kim Dotcom and Megaupload case

There are a lot of questions surrounding the shutdown of Megaupload and the arrest of its founder Kim Dotcom. Most people believe that the US went after Dotcom to make an example out of him and his website (read about some other possible motivations for the arrest HERE). The whole situation seems pretty questionable and it never seemed like the US gave a concrete reason for the arrest or provided any evidence, and when the home country of Dotcom, New Zealand, refused to extradite him to the US last week due to lack of evidence against him, the US attorneys went ballistic.

As the Justice Department continues to pretend there’s nothing strange at all about its highly questionable tactics in shutting down Megaupload and having its executives arrested, the courts are still struggling with the details. A few weeks back, we noted that a judge in New Zealand rejected the US’s demand that New Zealand merely rubberstamp an extradition order to the US, despite there being numerous questions over the case itself and whether or not extradition is appropriate. As part of that, the judge also ordered the US Attorneys to hand over the evidence they’re using to make the case against Dotcom and his colleagues, such that they can properly respond to the evidence. The US, as you might expect has gone absolutely ballistic about this, insisting that such an effort is impossible

It’s great that a country is finally asking questions and not just letting the US come in, take what they want, and leave without having to deal with laws or reason. Regardless, it should be pretty interesting to see how this case works itself out.

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Introducing: Hamlet the Mini Pig

Just wait until he finally gets to the bottom.

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