Tiny robot mosquito drones being researched by the US government.

Is this a mosquito? No. It’s an insect spy drone for urban areas, already in production, funded by the US Government. It can be remotely controlled and is equipped with a camera and a microphone. It can land on you, and it may have the potential to take a DNA sample or leave RFID tracking nanotechnology on your skin. It can fly through an open window, or it can attach to your clothing until you take it in your home. Given their propensity to request macro-sized drones for surveillance, one is left with little doubt that police and military may look into these gadgets next.

And for all you who automatically say “fake” because you don’t think your government is funding this… do some research.

Source: http://is.gd/Uy5DJT
Actual research paper: http://is.gd/1UcubI
Actual footage: http://is.gd/wYN00X
Another source: http://is.gd/0sVVAS
And another: http://is.gd/u5DC9s

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46 thoughts on “Tiny robot mosquito drones being researched by the US government.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fake, none of those sources and actual footage show anything but research on insect flight. This tech has not arrived yet. Weak research for the posturing and false claims in the post. Do some research indeed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    and you must be deaf , dumb and blind to think the government not doing something like this!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The truth is likely somewhere between the 2. The pic in this article is either fake, or a concept photo of what someone hopes to accomplish. The links in question seem to lead to a college research project and the drone pictured there is much less sophisticated than the concept picture above. The technology pictured above seems a bit more advanced that what we are currently capable of. Even the most advanced robot technology currently being showcased does not have nearly the level of articulation. Is it being researched? It seems so? Are super sophisticated mosquito drones currently in production? Less likely than me hitting the lotto to be honest. There’s just too many problems with hiding production of something advanced that far beyond our current technological achievements.

  4. greg says:

    Our government is years….ahead of our “Current Tech Achievements”. I did further research and discovered they had plans for these things IN THE 70s!! The government have always had tech before the public. From everything to cell phones….gps…all that we have is their leftovers. They are leaps and bounds above any tech we’ve seen.

  5. Sure, Greg. Put down the Mage: The Ascension RPG manual, OK?

  6. Djay says:

    Stupid people are so susceptible to suggestion and false information, if you haven’t seen or experienced it personally, then it’s probably not true. yes science has evolved experientially the last few years, but think of the ammount of computing power and memory it would take to make something so minuscule achieve autonomous flight, that is to say it would have to have a vast ammount of AI built in to buzz around uncontrolled by a human. No wonder the U.S. is so far behind other countries, we have stupid people who have access to the internet. lmfao

  7. Schnufflagous says:

    In 2001, I worked on a nano-microscope project (Atomic Force Metrology) in South Korea where they were developing a atomic force microscope to measure silicon wafers for semiconductor fab production damage. Part of the company that I worked for was off-limits and guarded and worked exclusively by Korean active duty servicemen. At that time, other companies were developing silicon pumps and gears only nine angstroms across. I saw graphics of these broken parts. These had part numbers etched into them. Saying this can’t be done is fooling yourself and everyone else. It was only a matter of time before US defense developers pulled off the mosquito drone, and it’s probably a prototype that is already at least a few years old. MEMS is a cool science. Get used to it because it’s been around for a while, and it’s going to be around for a long time to come.

  8. pradeep says:

    sir,is this Robotic mosquito dangerous?

  9. hitchen says:

    yeah!Its very dangerous because its too small to detect and it can even inject deadly poison to human body which is fatal.And before he detects what happened to him,he will be dead within minutes.

  10. Skeptical says:

    Fake. Robots don’t have symmetrical faces, and don’t need them. Also, why give it 6 legs to look like a mosquito, when 4 legs is stable and simpler to manufacture. This is in development, but production is years off, maybe decades.

  11. Anonymous says:

    does it bite….

  12. So where is the ‘actual footage’ on video? All I can see is some guy filming butterflies.

    And it isn’t ‘already in production’ and certainly can’t do any of the things you claim it can, as it doesn’t exist. It’s just a research idea.

    Sure the US government is funding research, but they were funding flying saucers not so long ago. ; ) … and remember the Star Wars project? *ahem*

  13. Anonymous says:

    @Skeptical – you’re totally missing the point by a mile. If it’s designed to go undetected, why on earth would it not have 6 legs and look like the real thing?

    That said…a badly written and misleading short article. No matter how much you shout and posture about something being real it doesn’t make it true. Yes there’s research but then the vast, vast majority of this sort of research never reaches maturity. A site not to follow if all that’s written is this sort of BS.

  14. S says:

    For the last seven years I have kept my mouth shut, but I was part of a DARPA working group and conference in 2005 where, as part of our assigned project and mandate, this exact system was proposed, and it had capacities not discussed in this article too. We were conceptualizing and sketching out system requirements, capabilities, and basic doctrine on a number of levels for a variety of technologies along a specific purpose, and I could independently prove this assertion and my personal involvement to any independent analysis required by any journalist. Now that they are admitting this project, I don’t feel I have to keep my mouth shut regarding THIS technology or program, unlike the others I do. In that 2005 conference, a scientist proposed using such devices as part of our mission parameter, and I asked, point blank, whether or not it was realistic to include them, and the capabilities he mentioned, and if it was at the 30 year mark (our maximum time horizons),, 20 year mark, or what. The guy, who conceptually detailed it with FAR more operational detail than I would have thought, regarding specific capacities, uses, etc., said “it will be ready a LOT sooner than you think…”. It occurs to me that based on what he said, his particular expertise, evident specific technical knowledge and the programs and projects he worked on when he was not at this conference, that if this is what they are admitting to having in production now, the next gen prototypes will ALREADY be of significantly advanced capacity. So yes, believe it. Since the conference, health and family matters have kept me out of the field, away from the invite only conferences, classified and confidential briefings, and I have done zero official work, but based on specific disclosures from the most credible and educated, official capacity personnel, I am sure this is no joke. Take it for whatever you want. The USA has a great number of brilliant people at DARPA, and brings in talent. In a number of ways for specific purposes, reality checks, etc. I have never been so impressed by the intellectual caliber, organisational proficiency, and clear purpose, especially in their ability to basically herd a bunch of cats (the varied geniuses assembled) into a specific purpose and productive end as I saw with DARPA.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can any one tell if this is wht they are doing in Africa with the Malaria mosquitoe????

  16. Anonymous says:

    tech has not arrived yet in the 70 japan put a micro chip (the worlds smallest still on the tip of a needle) this is childs play guys

  17. Anonymous says:

    And a above it all and the minds that do it or think it….thee is an entity that knows about it all, see,s it all, and waits in silence to have the final say and action ………………… but we did all get “FREE WILL” so there is no intervention in this exsisting plane. BUt in the next one that is useen but not kown and can we bet our life and actions on it not exsisting and the concequences not being a result of what we do and have or will do.?

    Where’s it all leading people……what should we all really be up to in life?



    Hi..friends i am Mritunjoy

  19. NunoM says:

    I only see proof that research is in course to understand the biomechanics of butterfly wings.
    I believe the Government would be interested in acquiring such a machine, but if we’re still trying to really understand how wings work, we surely are not producing robots as depicted. You did your research but you didn’t think about it.

  20. Anonymous says:

    ñ apoio pois ñ quero ser infectodo por um viros vindo desti mosquito!!!!!!

  21. A smart person for once says:

    You have to be an idiot to think the government doesn’t posses or will posses this type of technology in the immediate future.

    The constitution is a joke to our government. In fact the constitution itself states that these people are permitted to be shot.

  22. andre says:

    Fake, fake, fake.

    You are full of shit, man. Did you even read your own fucking links? Now you’ve got David Dees spreading this horseshit. Read the abstract for that paper you linked, at least, you retard. Quit fucking lying to people. If you can’t understand simple things that don’t post on a website.

  23. Xavier says:

    Come on, people. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to examine the image above and see Hollywood more than Area 51. Sure, the detail of the middle of the device looks impressive, but it’s probably nothing more than a #337 battery mounted negative side up, and the ‘injector’ at the ‘nose’ of the device is nothing more than a standard “grain-of-rice” passive RFID chip. The rest of the stuff cobbled together is no more impressive than an electronic hobbyist’s organized junk drawer. One of the most significant features MISSING in the photo is how the wings are powered and controlled. It takes a lot of motive power to lift even the smallest object off the ground, much less control it reliably and from a distance, and a puny 1.5 VDC coin cell battery ain’t gonna do it, no matter how sophisticated the other stuff looks. Nobody should believe such a device exists for any reason other than to increase web hits. Technology has matured, but this is well beyond anything even the most prestigious university or military contractor could come up with. Calm down, people. This is as fake as a doctorate degree from Princeton Elementary School.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Really FUNNY

  25. Anonymous says:

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  26. Kristen says:

    With technology today just because u guys think its too far in advanced doesnt mean its not happening our president lies to its people and so does everyone working for him and with him! So how on earth do u know that they arent hiding from the public WAY more advanced stuff? U as a simple minded idiot question things with just a simple WHY? But when u do some other research and get your head out of ur ass! You might start asking WHY NOT?

  27. Kristen says:

    Im not saying its real i havent see. It my self. But i sure as hell am not about to be closed minded and automatically say its not! If you can think it up, it CAN be done!

  28. Anonymous says:

    It sure does look cool but I don’t see anyone using a device like that on anyone who isn’t a high level target. They must be very expensive to make. Also one swat and the unit would be busted.

  29. kornelia says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In thought I want to put in writing like this additionally taking time and precise effort to make a very good article but what can I say I procrastinate alot and under no circumstances appear to get one thing done.

  30. Al G says:

    I invented it

  31. Where did u pick up the ideas to compose ““Tiny robot mosquito drones being researched by the US government.
    |” legjobb-bakik ? I appreciate it ,Robyn

  32. theshu says:

    You all crack me up. “It’s fake..It’s fake..” yeah and not to long ago drones were fake. Let’s not forget that all “New” tech was so called fake at one time. No matter if we are doing it now or not , it can and will be done at some point. Me, I think the mosquito is real but if not today then soon.

  33. theshu says:

    this for skeptical..ur post is stupid just as you are. Does the pic look like a mosquito..yes it does. That wuld be the point stupid. You scream fake out of fear and ignorance.

  34. Your sources suck. Your lack of actual physical evidence sucks. Your website sucks.

  35. Dr. Bob says:

    Sorry folks. Not fake. However, the model pictured is an less-advanced prototype. The current deployed model is considerably more advanced. These units are indeed capable of flight and additionally contain onboard power-plants that derive fuel from the environment. They are fully autonomous, require no human intervention, self-replicate, and can respond to and learn from environmental stimuli.

    Not to spread doom and gloom, but they are also weaponized, carry toxins and other payloads and are built with sophisticated delivery systems capable of inflicting complete and total damage to their targets.

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  37. No matter what anyone says this is BS. Always has always will be. Nothing that ever started as a rumor or fake picture online has actually turned out to be true in all it’s life on any tech that wasn’t introduced through actual media by the gov/state/country itself. Not 1. The internet is a place where people can congregate and spread either lies or truth. Things that’re built to scare roves of idiots who don’t do their research are the first to start spreading the lies and those of us who take the time to learn that pictures like this made up of 3 images is BS have to calm the idiots who have no backup information. People can believe this shit all they want but I know the difference between BS and truth.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Analisando as dimensões da asa é impossivel este objeto voar.

  39. berylm says:

    Check out the source article, where the key phrase is: “… is helping to develop … ” – then do some research of your own (a good search keyword is ‘robobee’). Yes, the robotic insect exists and yes it can fly, using a method very similar to real insects’ wings.

    HOWEVER, they haven’t yet worked out how to power it other than by the current method – by tethering it to an external battery, so although it can fly, and even fly through a window, as stated … it then has to fly straight back again because it’s tied to its battery.

    Nor can It (yet) do any of the fancy manoeuvres they’re talking about because they haven’t got all the minimised equipment to go with it, either.

    So don’t panic. You’re safe so far. I wouldn’t want to put money on it staying that way for more than a few years, however.

  40. Anonymous says:

    It does one no avail to keep your head in the sand while the drone is at the same moment zapping your posterior that is up in the air!

  41. Anonymous says:

    These drones do exist and they have been tested in the Fort Benning, GA area. I saw one and so did my neighbor.

  42. […] We have no idea to what extent, armed with super technology, they will go to spy on us (see Tiny Robot Mosquito Drones Being Researched by the US Government). And we all know about Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers used to destroy our right to free […]

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