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The movie “Old School” was inspired and modeled after “Fight Club.” Mind is blown.

The Story You Know:

Vince Vaughn and Frank “the Tank” Ferrell found a fraternity to cheer up Luke Wilson after the poor sap catches his girlfriend mid-gangbang. We’re talking Godfather-esque storytelling here, people.

Either Juliette Lewis, or a high end blow-up doll.

What Inspired It:

According to Old School writer/director Todd Phillips…

This guy.

…it’s a comedic retelling of Fight Club. He mentions it in the DVD commentary.

If you watch the movie with that in mind, you realize the scripts follow each other so closely that it’s amazing 20th Century Fox didn’t force Todd to offer Chuck Palahniuk or David Fincher joint writing credit. Luke Wilson’s Mitch is Edward Norton, and Vince Vaughn’s Beanie is Tyler Durden. Some of the segments Phillips highlighted both in the commentary and the movie:

“The whole idea of starting some kind of male organization.”

Mitch starting off “looking worn out”:

…but getting “lean and mean” by the end:

Getting caught using the copier at work:

Oh, hey. Nice jacket.

Phillips had Fight Club on his mind when he wrote the whole goddamn movie, and was relieved to hear from fans and “on the Internet” that enough people pieced his epic work of satire together.

“His name is Robert Paulson.”

Though Phillips did make the effort to add a naked Will Ferrell in there, so there’s that.


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Obama singing Call Me Maybe

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