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Check out this trailer…. for a trailer… of The Expendables 2 with Terry Crews

From the actual movie footage they do show, The Expendables 2 looks like it will not disappoint fans of the first one. Explosions and ridiculous action galore!

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Tannest mom in the world is also possibly the worst mom in the world

Looking like she just came off stage of a 1880’s minstrel show, this New Jersey (shocker) mom reportedly put her young redheaded daughter into a tanning bed. Oh, by the way, her daughter is five.

A New Jersey woman was arrested after police said she brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, causing the girl to suffer burns.

But 44-year-old Patricia Krentcil, who was charged with second-degree child endangerment, said her daughter was never exposed to the tanning booth’s UV rays and instead got slightly sunburned while playing outside on a warm day.

The girl’s father told NBC 4 New York his daughter told classmates at school that she “went tanning with Mommy.” He thinks a teacher overheard, inaccurately connected the girl’s sunburn to the tanning salon trip and contacted police.

“This whole big thing happened, and everyone got involved,” said Rich Krentcil. “It was 85 degrees outside, she got sunburned. That’s it. That’s all that happened.”

Patricia Krentcil said she treats her tanning salon trips as an errand in which she brings along her daughter, but insists the booth lights were never exposed to the girl.

“It’s like taking your daughter to go food shopping,” she told NBC 4 New York at her Nutley, N.J. home after being released on $25,000 bail. “There’s tons of moms that bring their children in.”

“I tan, she doesn’t tan,” she continued. “I’m in the booth, she’s in the room. That’s all there is to it.”

The incident happened over a week ago, but there did not appear to be any burns on the little girl Tuesday.

Patricia Krentcil said she’s been visiting her local salon for more than 10 years, and doesn’t know why her visits there with her daughter, who has turned 6 since the incident, have suddenly been called into question.

In New Jersey, children under 14 are not allowed to tan at indoor salons, while those 14 to 17 years old may do so with signed parental consent.


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Best boxing picture ever

Lavarn Harvell Lands a punch on Tony Pietrantonio for a knockout during the third round on April 28, 2012.

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How to: fend off a rapist

The tomato part really makes tearing through somebody’s temple seem like it would be the worst thing ever.

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Quantum Computers are going to be absolutely incredible. A quantum simulator can outperform a universe-sized computer.

Quantum computers are going to be so incredibly badass, but here’s exactly how badass: A new quantum simulator from the University of Sydney has, and we’re quoting here, “the potential to perform calculations that would require a supercomputer larger than the size of the known universe.” Mind. Blown.

The thing to understand about quantum computers is that they operate in states of superposition, meaning that each quantum bit (or qubit) can be the equivalent of both a zero and a one at the same time. This is completely different from conventional computers, which have to pick just one state to be in. So, if you have one qubit, it can be in two states. If you have two qubits, it can be in four states. And, if you remember anything about exponential growth, you’ll see that this is headed up to a fairly crazy number of states very very fast: ten qubits, for example, gives you just over 1,000 simultaneous possible states.

Researchers from the University of Sydney are now saying that they’ve developed a type of quantum computer based on a crystal that contains 300 qubits. 300 qubits means that hypothetically, this computer can simultaneously perform just over 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 calculations all at once. For the record, if you were to take every single atom in the observable universe and use all of them to construct a massive, traditional supercomputer, you’d run out of atoms before you got anywhere close to the level of performance that this quantum computer gets with just 300 atoms.


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Check out the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The sequel to Black Ops comes out this November. Now with more black and more ops. But it kind of just looks weird and too robot-y…. Is that just me?

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