James Cameron wants to make a BattleBots like show called Robogeddon

If you don’t remember the show BattleBots, you need to go revisit the history books and check it out. It was one of my old favorite shows. The premise was pretty simple, two teams of tech guys designed robots that would fight to the death in a ring with a bunch of obstacles. I think it was a bit ahead of it’s time, but now director James Cameron wants to make a similar show that he has dubbed Robogeddon. I would love to see what type of crazy robot death fighting machines people could make nowadays.

Similar to BattleBots and Robot Wars, the program will feature a competitive death match of sorts, where robots tear each other to shreds in pursuit of being the last machine standing. In addition to Cameron’s participation, the show will also feature the stamp of Mark Burnett — famous for such reality television titles as Survivor, Shark Tank and The Voice. It’s also said that Donald Hutson, the two-time Super Heavyweight Champion of BattleBots, will be among the show’s competitors.

No date is set as of yet for Robogeddon’s TV debut.


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