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Here’s the video of the holographic Tupac that performed with Snoop live at Coachella 2012

On the last day of the Coachella music festival in southern California, Snoop Dogg got one more chance to perform alongside Tupac Shakur. But they didn’t have to exhume Tupac’s bones to make the appearance, they just had to use holographic technology. I don’t know, a zombie Tupac would have also been cool.

Tupac died in 1996, three years before the first Coachella festival took place, but that didn’t stop him—or at least his bizarrely lifelike 3D image—from joining Dr. Dre onstage during Dre’s much-hyped festival finale this year. Call it better gigging through technology: About halfway through Dre’s 70-minute set, what appeared to be an actual shirtless Tupac appeared onstage, greeted the crowd with “What up, Coachella?”—and then traded rhymes with Dre’s co-billed Coachella partner, the flesh-and-blood Snoop Dogg, on “Come With Me,” “Hail Mary,” and “Gangsta Party.” Concertgoers at first seemed confused—the audience momentarily grew abnormally silent—and that confusion only increased when Tupac suddenly vaporized and vanished from the stage as quickly as he had materialized. All eyez were on him, so to speak, and then, POOF—‘Pac was gone.


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During the London Olympics there will be more concentrated air power in the skies than London has seen since WWII

Security during any Olympic games is always a huge deal, and during this year’s summer Olympics in London, there not only will be incredibly heavy security on the ground, but probably more concentrated air power in the skies than London has seen since World War II, with RAF Typhoon fighter jets patrolling the skies to keep any bad people away from the city.

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense has issued a list of directions for pilots flying anywhere through South East England during the Olympics. If you deviate from your flight plan in the restricted area or if you dare entering prohibited airspace, RAF Eurofighters Typhoons constantly flying over the areas above will intercept your aircraft.

These are the directions pilots would have to follow:

Deviation from RESTRICTED Zone Rules or Violation of the PROHIBITED Zone will result in Interception

Contact ATC on in use frequency or Guard 121.5MHz/243.0MHz

• If Typhoon joins on left hand side of your aircraft and rocks wings, then rock your wings and follow Typhoon. Turn away from London.
• If Typhoon breaks left to right in front of your aircraft, then rock your wings and follow Typhoon. Turn away from London.
• If Typhoon break left to right in front of your aircraft whilst deploying flares rock your wings and follow Typhoon. Turn away from London .

The same is true if you get intercepted by a RAF helicopter, which will fire a green laser at you or release flares at night.


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Scientists still perplexed as to why some girls are starting puberty at ages as young as six.

For a couple decades now, scientists and parents alike have been noticing that some girls are hitting puberty earlier and earlier, some as young as six years old. For a while, it was feared that girls starting puberty around age 9 might become the new norm, but fortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case.

And this is part of a trend?
According to Weil’s report — “Puberty before age 10: A new ‘normal’?” — Ainsley is part of a growing tide of young girls forced to confront the mounting pressures of puberty at an increasingly young age. A large study published in the journal Pediatrics found that 10 percent of white girls, 23 percent of black girls, 15 percent of Hispanic girls, and 2 percent of Asian girls start growing breasts by the age of 7. But that earlier breast development hasn’t generally been accompanied by an early first period.

Why are some girls developing earlier?
Researchers are still trying to figure that out. Typically, “girls who go through puberty early fall into two camps,” says Weil: “Girls with diagnosable disorders like central precocious puberty, and girls who simply develop on the early side of the normal curve.” Young “girls who are overweight are more likely to enter puberty early than thinner girls,” says Weil. And some environmental chemicals, like the flame retardant PBB, can alter a young girl’s timing by changing her hormone levels. Stress “can disrupt puberty timing as well.”

So while the jury is still out, some of it is just natural variation, while some of it seems to be reactions to modern environmental chemicals and possibly low levels of hormones in food. If you’ve been keeping up with this scientific inquiry, you know that this does seem to be almost all girls who seem to be slowly trending towards puberty at younger ages, not boys.


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