Meet the new NYC Cab

New York City Yellow cabs are as iconic to downtown New York as the lights of Times Square. And while the new cabs aren’t changing their color, they are going to be dramatically changing their shape starting next year.

What you’re looking at is the Nissan NV200, the winner of New York City’s competition to find a new taxi cab. The new design will be officially unveiled today before rolling out in October 2013. As you can see, it’s bright yellow, and it’s vile, even by minivan standards, but it does have quite a few redeeming features. Nissan has fitted charging ports in the back to charge your electronics on the move, and the interior fabric is odor-reducing and anti-microbial. City Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky thinks that the new taxis will be a hit:

“New Yorkers are pragmatic, but they also appreciate quality. This is a higher quality taxi ride than what they’re getting today.”

The new design also improves on the outgoing models with a sliding door for easy access, GPS navigation, and floor lights. The NV200 is set to cost around $29,000, with partitions included, and the current models will be phased out by 2018.


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