‘Find My iPad’ app leads police to 780 lbs of meth

How the fuck is this level of stupidity even possible? Even the most tweeked out meth-head hopefully wouldn’t be so stupid as to steal an GPS equipped iPad and having it laying around next to nearly 800 pounds of crystal. But one guy was exactly that fucking stupid.

Palo Alto police were looking for a stolen iPad last Thursday via the GPS-enabled “Find My iPad” app when they arrived at an apartment complex, according to the Mercury News. What happened next, in a surprising twist for police, led to one of the biggest meth busts in U.S. history.

The officers didn’t have a search warrant, so they knocked on the door of the apartment and asked the occupants for permission to come in. They consented, Tomkins said. “They probably thought if they didn’t, we’d suspect something,” Tomkins said. “Or they thought, ‘I’ll let them in — they probably won’t find anything.’”

Much to their amazement, the officers found 780 pounds of crystal meth scattered around the place, worth about $35 million.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said roughly 100 pounds or a little more of meth are recovered annually in the county, making this seizure “easily at least six years worth,” he said.


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