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Watch the first four minutes of Iron Sky (The Space Nazi Movie)

Watch the trailer for the movie HERE

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If no country will host The Pirate Bay, they’re going to have their servers in the sky…

With multiple governments breathing down their neck and with the number of Pirate Bay friendly countries running out, the next plan is to put their servers on low orbit GPS drones, outside the reach of any one nation. “Everyone knows WHAT TPB is. Now they’re going to have to think about WHERE TPB is,” The Pirate Bay team told TorrentFreak.

The Pirate Bay today unveiled their new mission. They’re working on ‘hosting’ parts of their site in GPS-controlled drones, instead of old-fashioned data centers.

“Everyone knows WHAT TPB is. Now they’re going to have to think about WHERE TPB is,” The Pirate Bay team told TorrentFreak. We were further informed that the first drone will probably fly above international waters.

“We’re already the most resilient and the most down to earth. That’s why we need to lift off, being this connected to the ground doesn’t feel appropriate to us anymore,” TPB told us. Although the line between reality and fantasy can be rather thin at The Pirate Bay, we were assured that the plan to launch a drone is real.

“With the development of GPS controlled drones, far-reaching cheap radio equipment and tiny new computers like the Raspberry Pi, we’re going to experiment with sending out some small drones that will float some kilometers up in the air. This way our machines will have to be shut down with aeroplanes in order to shut down the system. A real act of war.”

“We’re just starting so we haven’t figured everything out yet. But we can’t limit ourselves to hosting things just on land anymore. These Low Orbit Server Stations (LOSS) are just the first attempt. With modern radio transmitters we can get over 100Mbps per node up to 50km away. For the proxy system we’re building, that’s more than enough.”

The drone plan is yet another move to make it harder to censor or shutdown The Pirate Bay. Last month the file-sharing site traded in torrents for magnets for the exact same reason, and behind the scenes The Pirate Bay team is making more adjustments.

Looking ahead, The Pirate Bay team thinks the site may no longer be hosted on this planet.

“When the time comes we will host in all parts of the galaxy, being true to our slogan of being the galaxy’s most resilient system. And all of the parts we’ll use to build that system on will be downloadable.”


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Human Centipede 3 is coming. And it will have a 500+ person centipede. Great.

Since the meta-plot of Human Centipede 2 didn’t really go over that well at the box office, for Human Centipede 3, they’re using the Gillette razor method and just going all “Fuck it! Just add more!”, by having a story that involves stitching over 500 people together into one giant motherfucking human centipede. That’s more ass to mouth than even your mom has seen.

Tom Six is about to start work on the third and final installment of his shock horror series. And now he was revealed that he is planning his most outlandish centipede yet. In the first movie, evil scientist Dr Heiter attempted to stitch three people together anus-to-mouth, to creative a single digestive tract.

In the sequel, crazed loner Martin enacted a copycat version of the events of the original in a car park attempting a 12 person centipede, settling for 10 when two of his victims died right away.

But now, the Dutch director has revealed on Twitter.com/Tom_Six: “#humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!”

The sequel is set to film in the US. It has been confirmed that the stars of the first two films, Dieter Laser and Lawrence R Bell, will both return for the finale.


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After 244 years, Encyclopedia Britannica stops its press operations

In an acknowledgment of the realities of the digital age — and of competition from the Web site Wikipedia — Encyclopaedia Britannica will focus primarily on its online encyclopedias and educational curriculum for schools. The last print version is the 32-volume 2010 edition, which weighs 129 pounds and includes new entries on global warming and the Human Genome Project.

“It’s a rite of passage in this new era,” Jorge Cauz, the president of Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., a company based in Chicago, said in an interview. “Some people will feel sad about it and nostalgic about it. But we have a better tool now. The Web site is continuously updated, it’s much more expansive and it has multimedia.”

In the 1950s, having the Encyclopaedia Britannica on the bookshelf was akin to a station wagon in the garage or a black-and-white Zenith in the den, a possession coveted for its usefulness and as a goalpost for an aspirational middle class. Buying a set was often a financial stretch, and many families had to pay for it in monthly installments.

But in recent years, print reference books have been almost completely overtaken by the Internet and its vast spread of resources, including specialized Web sites and the hugely popular — and free — online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Since it was started 11 years ago, Wikipedia has moved a long way toward replacing the authority of experts with the wisdom of the crowds. The site is now written and edited by tens of thousands of contributors around the world, and it has been gradually accepted as a largely accurate and comprehensive source, even by many scholars and academics.

Wikipedia also regularly meets the 21st-century mandate of providing instantly updated material. And it has nearly four million articles in English, including some on pop culture topics that would not be considered worthy of a mention in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Mr. Cauz said that he believed Britannica’s competitive advantage with Wikipedia came from its prestigious sources, its carefully edited entries and the trust that was tied to the brand.

“We have very different value propositions,” Mr. Cauz said. “Britannica is going to be smaller. We cannot deal with every single cartoon character, we cannot deal with every love life of every celebrity. But we need to have an alternative where facts really matter. Britannica won’t be able to be as large, but it will always be factually correct.”


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Random weird thing of the day: Billy Joel freaking out on stage

The story has it that he was freaking out about how the documentary crew was filming the concert. The audience thought he was yelling at them and several people were escorted out because security thought they were aggravating him.

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