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Do you like good music? How about Minneapolis? How about UW-Madison? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions,then this one is for you.

My friend Andrew, aka Phonetic ONE, is currently competing in the College Battle of the Bands. Right now he has one of the highest ratings in the competition, most likely due to his lyrical slickness and poetic ability (demonstrated in the first video below) and his close group of musically gifted friends and their melodious collaborations (like the second video below). Now what I want you to do is; take a listen to the songs I posted below this, check out his Youtube page, and once you realize how genuinely talented this kid is, go HERE and rate him as you see fit to help him beat the mediocre bands he is going up against.

Here’s a little background on Phonetic ONE for ya:

Born Andrew Thomas on the Southside of Minneapolis, Phonetic ONE is a Rapper, Actor, Poet, Singer/song-writer, and Educator. The son of a DJ and Breakdancer, at a very young age Phonetic ONE began learning the proverbial ropes of Hip Hop. He also gained inspiration from his grandmother, an established painter in Minneapolis. It was she who helped him to understand the importance of expression, and he has spent his teen years harnessing that expression through his passion for music. During his Sophomore year in High School he released his first LP entitled, Life Music: Volume ONE. Phonetic.ONE has worked in the southside community doing Spoken Word/Hip Hop workshops for various youth groups and organizations (such as Upward Bound Vision Quest ran by the University of Minnesota) and has now moved on to Released his more prevalent project, Phonetic Phenom EP (Jan, 2009).

Now at 19, Andrew “Phonetic ONE” Thomas has shared the Stage with Minneapolis greats like Big Quarters, Eyedea and Abilities, Heiruspecs and Doomtree. He has also been blessed to perform on a more national level along side artist such as Colin Munroe, Beau Siah, Lemon, Wale, and Ludacris. He is now a student in First Wave, a Hip Hop theatre-based performing arts program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he is under the tutelage of Rapper/Spoken Word Artist Rafael Casal and world renown Dancer/Choreographer Chris Walker. Right now he is finishing up his Newest LP, A Year and ONE day On the Bus Stop.

Now get your ass over HERE and vote! And even if you’re a miserable twat and don’t like music/fun/happiness and just hate everything, take one second out of your life and click a couple buttons to make somebody else happier, I mean really, why not?

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