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A totally unreasonable will

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Despicable Me 2 is coming, with more minions

Here’s the teaser trailer.

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Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots leaked; with more redcoat killin’

I posted the leaked cover of Assassin’s Creed 3 HERE the other day and today some screenshots were released. The game looks like it’ll be fantastic. Plus it’s in AMERICA!


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A true lyrical genius

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Mario combined with Portal. Mari0 is here.

I’m sure we all remember Dorkly’s “Mario with a Portal Gun” animation. Well it turns out this guy has been working on a way on turning it into an actual game… and he’s finally released it. He’s added a few other goodies, too. Custom Skins and controls, and even simultaneous multiplayer. Trailer and download at the site below. I’m busy accidently killing myself repeatedly with portal loops.

Download it here

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Japan builds the second highest structure in the world; The Tokyo Sky Tree

Completed on Leap Year Day, the Tokyo Sky Tree is now the worlds 2nd tallest structure, second only to the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.

Nikken Sekkei, the design practice behind both buildings, effectively doubled its personal best in the construction of the Sky Tree, and in doing so employed the latest technology, not to mention the expertise of “more than 100 architects, engineers and planners”, to build the capital city’s striking quake-resistant giant – a super-tower its designers claim offers “better safety” than any other. It has a 9:1 height to width ratio – a narrow, almost needle-like form.

The Tokyo Sky Tree, like the Tokyo Tower before it, is first and foremost a television transmitter. The Tokyo Tower was plenty tall enough in 1958, and for decades after; but with the switch to digital transmission the tower’s height proved insufficient for blanket coverage to the area – hence the need for a taller tower – hence, in fact, the Tokyo Sky Tree.

The Sky Tree is a tripod at ground level standing on an equilateral triangle base with sides of 68 m (223 ft). As the tower progresses upwards its cross section very quickly morphs from triangle to circle (a shape “without precedent”, according to its designers), becoming a totally cylindrical tower between half and two thirds of the way up.


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