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New Ferris Bueller trailer to air during superbowl?

So this youtube video of Matthew Broderick came out today and it seems to obviously be hinting that something Ferris Bueller related is going to happen on Superbowl Sunday. I am excited.

one does not simply…

Day at the dog park

Polar bear attack. WARNING! GRAPHIC

Rick Santorum: “Rape victims should make the best out of a bad situation”

Wow, he actually said that…

And he says that college is used by the left to indoctrinate young people, saying ,”No wonder President Obama wants every kid to go to college.” Are you fucking kidding me? Really? He has a chance to become the president. Read that story HERE


If the technology of e-urinals take off, one day in the future, if you go take a piss at a movie theater or bar, the futuristic urinal will give you an instant rundown of your health. At least for guys. Once again ladies, you’re just going to have to keep peeing the old fashioned way.

Royce Zhang is taking the urinal to a whole new level. He is proposing a urinal that can measure vital statistics, such as sugar levels, white blood cell count, Ketone and pH balances.

The urinal has a touch screen interface, so if you want to know more about a certain health statistic, all you have to do is touch the same spot that a thousand other hands on penises touched, so it’s like touching every penis at the bar. For your health.


Dr. Dupstep Steve Brule

Biologists at the U of M force yeast to become multicellular, observing evolution directly

For most of the initial hundred million years of life on Earth, seas contained single-celled organisms. Life at some point took a big leap from being single-celled to multicellular organisms and this process has been a mystery up to this point. But now, biologists at the University of Minnesota have made yeast change from a single celled organism to multicellular, observing a crucial bit of evolution right in front of them.

Now if you’re one of the complete idiots who doesn’t acknowledge logic or evolution this should serve as a nice punch to your jaw. But if your skull is still too thick to absorb this, keep not believing in evolution because throughout history the Church has a really good track record when it comes to scientific theories…. oh wait.

Yeasts are a microscopic form of fungi; they are uni-cellular but can become multi-cellular through the formation of a string of connected budding cells, like in molds. The experiments were based on this fact, and were surprisingly simple, they just hadn’t been done before, according to Will Ratcliff, a scientist at the University of Minnesota (UMN) and a co-author of the paper. ”I don’t think anyone had ever tried it before,” he said, adding: “There aren’t many scientists doing experimental evolution, and they’re trying to answer questions about evolution, not recreate it.”

Sam Scheiner, program director in NSF’s Division of Environmental Biology, also adds: ”To understand why the world is full of plants and animals, including humans, we need to know how one-celled organisms made the switch to living as a group, as multi-celled organisms. This study is the first to experimentally observe that transition, providing a look at an event that took place hundreds of millions of years ago.”

It’s been thought that the step toward multi-cellular complexity was a difficult one, an evolutionary hurdle that would be very hard to overcome. The new research however, suggests it may not be that difficult after all.

It took the first experiment only 60 days to produce results. The yeast was first added to a nutrient-rich culture, then the cells were allowed to grow for one day. They were then stratified by weight using a centrifuge. Clusters of yeast cells landed on the bottom of the test tubes. The process was then repeated, taking the cell clusters and re-adding them to fresh cultures. After sixty cycles of this, the cell clusters started to look like spherical snowflakes, composed of hundreds of cells.

The most significant finding was that the cells were not just clustering and sticking together randomly; the clusters were composed of cells that were genetically related to each other and remained attached after cell division. When clusters reached “critical mass,” some cells died, a process known as apoptosis, which allows the offspring to separate.

This then, simply put, is the process toward multi-cellular life. As described by Ratcliff, ”A cluster alone isn’t multi-cellular. But when cells in a cluster cooperate, make sacrifices for the common good, and adapt to change, that’s an evolutionary transition to multi-cellularity.”



Fuck everything about this girl. GOD DAMNIT

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