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Bill Murray shreds Ghostbusters 3 script and mails it back to Dan Aykroyd

At this point, Bill Murray’s open disdain for even the idea of Ghostbusters 3 is legendary. He originally joked he would only be in it if he died in the first scene, so that looked like it might happen and then it didn’t, and every step of the way, Murray has tried to block Ghostbusters 3 from happening.

This latest episode came after Dan Aykroyd sent Murray the latest Ghostbusters 3 script for Bill Murray’s approval. Instead of even bothering with the script, Bill apparently shredded it and sent it back in an envelope saying “No one wants to see fat, old men running around chasing ghosts.”

I love you Bill Murray, but yes, yes, people want to see that very much.


speaking of monkeys….

Here’s a video of a close encounter with some wild gorillas in Uganda. I would be shitting my pants.

evolution is so stupid

Oh wait, I’m not a complete fucking idiot.

Global Reach of www.2tfu.com so far today via facebook


Click on it for full size.

A. How do more girls look at my site than guys? That’s just weird.

B. If you are one of the people from Ireland, Spain, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, Poland, Greece, Chile, Or Vietnam can you lay out how the f you heard of/came across my site. Email: Thumbmaster@2tfu.com

C. Will more of you twats “Like” my site on facebook, there’s a button, right at the top of the site, its just two clicks, then your done, ya know? Whats so bad about that.

D. I wish I could have this info for everybody who visits the site and not just people who mention it or go to it from facebook so if you know how I could do that let me know.

Worse than fergie, katy perry, and Ke$ha.

Is Christopher Nolan hinting at Batman finally getting a Robin in the Dark Knight Rises?

So some people have  pointed out that in the scene with the explosion at the football stadium, the only football player to make it out alive had the last name of “Ward”, as in Burt Ward, the guy that played Robin in the 1960s Batman series…

Now this didn’t really convince me at all, I mean ward is a pretty common name, but this next one seems a little too much to just be coincidence.

Look at the “R” in the signs being held up to spell out “ROGUE”, as in the name of the fictional football team, the Gotham City Rogues. Looks kind of familiar?

As in it’s the exact same shape as the “R” in Robin that is Robin’s emblem? Coincidence, or do we finally get to see a little bitch run around after Batman causing problems?

UPDATE: Somebody sent this LINK to me, I don’t know how credible it is but yeah.

ALSO: Here is a clip of somebody asking Joseph Gordon-Levitt if he will play Robin and JGL dodging the question.

Lucky Kim Jong Un is inheriting a country driven to cannabilism

Ever since the mid 90s, around the time when Kim Jong Il took power in North Korea, there have been widespread food shortages that have only gotten worse over time. There have been plenty of reports of people eating mud, grass and raw acorns to try and survive, but at the extreme end, when things get absolutely desperate, people have apparently turned to cannibalism— often kidnapping young children that are then turned into meat on the black market.

From June of this year:

The latest claims are based on a 791-page manual for North Korean police printed in 2009. The report uses previous events as examples to help train police what to look for and how to deal with different situations. The manual listed five cannibalism-related cases but did not give a great deal of detail on them.

A pertinent question would be whether the cannibalism was done by way of scavenging the already dead or through predation on the living. In at least one case, it was the latter*:

In one account, a male guard who could not bear his hunger killed his colleague using an ax, ate some of the human flesh and sold the remainder in the market by disguising it as mutton, the report said, without giving any further details such as when the alleged crime occurred.

Starvation in North Korea is tied to the political system since food distribution is based on being among those considered to be politically reliable by the regime. The emergence of private markets after the collapse of the central distribution system in the late 1990s has alleviated the worst of the problems, but not completely so and there are concerns that North Koreans will have to go through another round of hunger this summer.

And another report, about children being kidnapped and graves being robbed for meat:

Anyone caught selling human meat faces execution, but in a report compiled by the North Korean Refugees Assistance Fund (NKRAF), one refugee said: “Pieces of ‘special’ meat are displayed on straw mats for sale. People know where they came from, but they don’t talk about it.”

“If a funeral takes place during the day and the burial is performed that evening, the grave may be dug open and the body stolen before morning,” said one refugee.

Another witness, named only as Lee, 54, said he feared that his missing grandsons, aged eight and 11, had been killed for food. As he searched widely for them, they boys’ friends said they had vanished near a market. Mr Lee said police who raided a nearby restaurant found body parts. The business’s owners were shot. Gerald Bourke, the WFP’s representative in Beijing, said it was difficult for his organisation to substantiate the reports of cannibalism as they were unable to get to the markets. “As in any desperately poor country, it is something we might stumble on,” he said. “It’s not just a problem for us, but also our donors.” Because of the food shortages, many people were having to survive on nine ounces of rations a day – less than half the recommended minimum daily intake.

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