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Good joke or too far?

So our cable company Charter, or as we call them Sharter, was being shitty as usual today and one of the only channels my roommates and I could watch was MTV. We were forced to watch Rob.o or as MTV calls it Ridiculousness. Which is possibly the worst show on TV. Here’s how it goes:
Step 1:Video shown
Step 2:Rob says how ridiculous it is
Step 3:Rewind video and play again
Step 4:Rob then lays out what happened in the video in the most straight forward way ever
Step 5:Chanel laughs for five minutes at Robs extremely objective statement
Step 6:Repeat (sprinkle in some of the nobody rapper guy and his stupid comments)

Anyways that’s beside the point. The guest star on this episode was Ryan Dunn, who passed away earlier this year in a car crash, RIP. After one of the videos of a somebody crashing something on wheels (which make up about 96% of the videos) Ryan Dunn said, “Ooooooo OUCH!” to which I replied, “Yeah that looked like it hurt, but not as bad as a fatal car crash eh Dunn?”

The people of North Korea’s reaction to…

part dog, part gun, all cop:GUNDOG

New Shit Girls Say (Episode 2)

Some facts on North Korea

A new drug could give humans “super memory”

Scientists at Baylor University have identified a gene in the brains that gives them “Super Memories” when activated. Being that mice brains and our brains are fairly similar, they believe that this gene could be activated in humans and give us incredible memory capabilities.

Baylor University researchers discovered that a molecule called PKR serves two crucial function in the brains of mice. In everyday situations, it’s concerned with regulating how neurons interact in memory-related tasks. But when a virus invades, PRK activates a stress response that alerts the rest of the brain that something is very wrong. Alzheimer’s sufferers also experience PKR-releasing stress in the course of their disease.

Lead researcher Mauro Costa-Mattioli and his team worked with mice that had had the PKR molecule genetically suppressed. In its absence, another immune molecule known as gamma interferon steps in, and that’s when something remarkable happens. It turns out this understudy molecule is actually way better at its job than PKR, increasing communication between neurons and just generally making the memory centers of the brain more efficient.

The team realized that if they could find an inhibitor that could specifically block the PKR molecule, they could confer that same memory-boosting benefit without having to worry about genetic engineering. By injecting various potential inhibitors into the mice’s stomachs, they were able to find the right molecule. Even better, since that inhibitor blocked PKR from the stomach, that should mean it’s possible to create an ingestible drug that blocks PKR.

When the researchers tested the PKR-deficient mice in a series of memory tests, those mice were able to pick up on patterns and remember them on the first try, while the other mice needed days to figure out how to solve the puzzle. The PKR-deficient mice consistently showed significantly better memory and learning abilities than their counterparts.

Of course, there’s a pretty crucial question here – is it safe to remove a key immune molecule like PKR? Well, so far, the PKR-deficient mice have shown no ill health, as other immune molecules appear more than capable to fill in for its various functions. While it’s certainly possible that there’s still a downside here, the researchers haven’t found it yet.

This could be used to treat Alzheimer’s or just help you make sure to hold those grudges for your entire life.


how many construction workers does it take?

Newt Gingrich says he’d just arrest judges he doesn’t agree with; because America works like that.

While it’s often easy to lapse into hyperbole in political news, GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich seems to encourage it with his daily crazy fucking ideas. Like on Face the Nation this weekend, where he said that the president has the right to arrest “activist” judges that are out of line with “popular opinion”.

There’s “no reason the American people need to tolerate a judge that out of touch with American culture,” Gingrich said on CBS’ Face the Nation, referring to a case where a judge ruled that explicit references to religion were barred from a high school graduation ceremony. And Gingrich recently has said judges should have to explain some of their decisions before Congress.

Host Bob Schieffer asked Gingrich how he planned to enforce that. Would you call in the Capitol Police to apprehend a federal judge, he asked.

“If you had to,” Gingrich said. “Or you’d instruct the Justice Department to send the U.S. Marshall in.”

A judge should have to explain his or her radical decisions, Gingrich emphasized again. Gingrich’s tough words against the judiciary branch have drawn fire from even conservatives. Former attorney general under President George W. Bush, Michael Mukasey, told Fox News that Gingrich’s proposals were “dangerous” and “totally irresponsible.”

Gingrich claims his tough stance is part of a key question going into the 2012 elections: “Do you want to move towards American exceptionalism, reassert the Constitution, reassert the nature of America, or do you, in fact, want to become a secular, European, sort of beaurocratic socialist society?”


Just… watch the fucking video. Just hit something soft and inanimate if you’re going to hit something. I don’t even feel like wasting time explaining why Newt Gingrich is simply a psychotic megalomaniac:


are there any mansions in madison?

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