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60 Minutes: “Prosecuting Wall Street”

60 Minutes gets tired of waiting for the Justice Department to build cases against corrupt corporations and their executives.  60 Minutes says, “Fuck it, we’ll do it for you.”  Watch this, share this, and educate yourselves on what’s going on with YOUR money.

Click the image to watch the video.

The growing of my mustache for Movember

Kevin Rilea's mustache for Movember 2011

This thing raised almost $200 dollars for prostate cancer this year and, if I may say so, looked damn fine while doing it. Learn more about Movember HERE.


The UC Davis pepper spray cop Christmas sweater

It’s the most amazing Christmas sweater ever. And yes, baby Jesus should have dispersed if he didn’t want his manger pepper sprayed.

Tremendous Documentary, “How Beer Saved The World”

I was flipping through channels the other night and came across this awesome, and informative, documentary on Discovery about beer creating everything from agriculture to beer goggles. Quite biased, but it sparks great conversations at the pub. Just thought I’d share.

monday 2TFU

THE best air freshener ever. PERIOD.

jesus christ really? ^^

this next picture is fucking fantastic

find the real dog

it’s monday so here are some places i’d rather be than

click the photos for full size

this is my favorite one:

who said one-pieces aren’t sexy?

the people behind the masks in famous movies

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